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Vital Signs: Organizing for class while remaining at home

By Anika Pruthi
Staff Writer

On top of the usual adjustment of starting a new semester, a completely remote schedule may be more difficult to adjust to college life this fall. Here are a few tips to help you organize your space and manage the school and home life balance during remote learning.

Creating a study space separate from where you relax and unwind is crucial to remaining productive throughout the semester (Envato Elements).

Have a designated work space

It’s understandable if you can’t find a space in your house that matches the atmosphere of the library or the atrium in the Social Sciences Building, but try to be creative when picking a work area at home. Find a work space that is separate from more personal areas where you spend your downtime.


Use a planning system

To ensure you’re on top of your game, create a planning system for the semester to keep track of all of your assignments. Try investing in a planner, utilizing Google Calendar or downloading apps such as Trello, Wunderlist or Notion to set reminders for what you need to do. Keeping yourself organized is the key to drawing the line between your home and work life.

Make time to de-stress

Using an app like Jour or keeping a small notebook for some positive affirmations or doodles can offer your mind much needed clarity! This is critical to organizing yourself because it will allow you to reconnect with your goals and purpose while also serving as an outlet to gather your thoughts.


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