Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Andrea Wright

GUTS — ‘coming out’ for a national celebration

GUTS (the Gay Union of Trenton State) and other members of the campus community celebrated National Coming Out Day last Saturday. Approximately 20 members of GUTS set up tables outside the Travers/Wolfe Halls with pizza, music, pamphlets and decorations as part of the College's Community Fest events.

Light beer and no Halo — better than fad dieting

Dieting has become the craze on campus. It may be from fear of "the freshman 15," unidentifiable Sodexho food or just because mom's not around to make you eat your veggies. It seems like wherever you go, you hear people talking about counting carbs and fat intake.

Gala raises scholarship money, honors contributors

The TCNJ Foundation held its third annual Spring Gala on Friday, April 4 at the Greenacres Country Club in Lawrenceville. Sixty of the College's scholarship recipients were invited to attend. The money raised at the Spring Gala will be used to provide scholarship funding for students.

Phi Alpha Delta bends rules of pong to promote awareness

Phi Alpha Delta fraternity hosted its first annual Root Beer Pong Tournament on Tuesday, Feb. 25. The tournament was held as an alcohol awareness program with prizes given to the first through fourth place teams. The goal of the tournament was to promote responsible alcohol drinking habits.

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