Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Becky Barrett

Despite odd history, Valentine’s day still sweet as ever

Hand-crafted mailboxes stuffed with conversation hearts and cut-out Valentines in classrooms this year will probably contain no mention of the holiday's possible origin in a pagan fertility festival that included adolescent boys slapping women with goat skins.

She works hard with your money so you better treat her right

Clubs may know Julia Pratt, executive director of the Student Finance Board (SFB), for her power to fund a Gavin DeGraw concert or deny them bowling tournament funding. Outside the SFB office, however, the red-haired, fifth-year senior, sporting a shirt that reads, "Iowa: we so corny," describes herself as a fun-loving, hard-working, tomboyish nursing major who is addicted to reality shows and appropriates portions of her personal budget to world travel and funny T-shirts from Delia's.

Female scientists discuss career struggles, rewards

Four female scientists from Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Research fielded students' questions in panel-style at "An Evening for Women in Science" on Nov. 2. "Based on the questions, there's a lot of doubt about what to do after graduation," Deborah Knox, interim dean for the School of Science said after the session.

Country Club residents-Who you gonna call? Not Campus Police

Despite the fact that the Country Club Apartments are part of College housing, Ewing Police and the Trenton State College Corporation (TSC), not Campus Police, are assigned to handling problems there. While Country Club residents have been told this, confusion often arises in times of problems or emergencies.

Chapel renamed in memory of student

Cloudy skies threatened rain outside the window behind a bouquet of sunflowers as family, friends and acquaintances of Ryan Fesko, a student who died in a car accident in May 2003, came together to dedicate the meditation chapel, located in the Spiritual Center, to him Oct.

Err’body in the Country Club gettin’ tipsy

A few neighbors were left off the invitation list for the Country Club Apartments' community-style barbeque Sept. 29. Although the fence for the 400-bed Trenton Psychiatric Hospital is in the apartments' backyard, patients, including the five who escaped this year, do not swing by very often.

North vs. South Jersey: Two states of mind

"Where are you from?" It's one of the first questions asked when students meet at the College, and the answer may determine whether one thinks the other eats jimmies and "woodur ice" while sitting on a tractor or sprinkles and Italian ice in a 2005 Acura.

‘Every person who walks through that door goes ‘wow”

The New Library, which had been in planning and construction stages for seven years, opened Monday. Its first guests looked around in awe, as light poured in through the large windows of the Georgian-style architecture onto plush seats by cherry wood-stained tables, shining onto spacious book stacks and a multitude of Ethernet connections.

Act One, Scene One: Freshman Year, Take One.

Power. Rewind. Stop. PLAY. Day one, freshman year. I had made it to college. Scenes from movies, memories of past experiences and pieces of friendly advice reeled through my mind. Energized, nervous, happy and totally organized and prepared, I hoped college would be a little like "Mona Lisa Smile," "The Prince and Me," and the college years on "Boy Meets World" - and not too much like "Animal House" and "Orange County.

Sharper with the wisdom of years and new education

From kindergarten through 12th grade, a high school graduate has attended school about 2,340 days. If he is 18-years-old, he has only had 6,574 days on earth so far. While a student now in college may be anxious to get out in the world after sitting in class 36.6 percent of his total days, some have seen the other side and come back.

MTV-U captures campus colors in College birthday celebration

Caitlin Gaughan, junior communication studies major and College Union Board (CUB) Rathskellar Event Coordinator, was heading away from the Lions Fest and Campus Colors day celebration when CUB director Regina Mahone, senior English major, and Steve DeLaura, director of finance and senior accounting major, grabbed her.

Beloved Eickhoff sandwich maker worked as doctor in Vietnam

Dressed in a server's black apron and white shirt, Monglan Thi Nguyen piled extra lunch meat on top of American cheese and offered a tomato and a smile to a waiting student. The student may never have guessed that the Eickhoff food server is a vegetarian, or that she was a doctor when she lived in Vietnam 12 years ago.

Don’t get goose bumps; call goosebusters instead

A lone Canada goose preened its feathers and plopped down comfortably as Pinnacle 1 golf balls landed nearby on the Green Lane playing fields. "I don't think that one goose did all this," Kerri Matthes, rugby captain and junior biology major, said, pointing out a dried piece of excrement.

College still in litigation over Science Complex

The College is seeking $900,000 in a trial that began Monday against Selective Insurance group. Selective insured the original Science Complex contractor, a company that was terminated for a lack of timeliness and quality. "No building is ever built exactly the same again," Provost Stephen Briggs said about the Science Complex construction.

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