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Ben Leach

One last Week in Geek: Ben & Mr. T

As far as the A&E section of The Signal goes, the 2005-2006 academic year will be known as The Year of the Geek. I hope that I have informed as well as entertained, and I hope I have made everyone on campus feel a little more comfortable about their geekiness.

Self-awareness key to good health

Writing the Science and Health column has been an opportunity for me to break down some of the preconceived notions that the science behind health is too complicated and not worth your time as a reader. But for me, this column has personal ramifications.

The ones that got away

There is only one week until "This Week in Geek" is taken out into a field and put down for good. In that spirit, this column is dedicated to things of a geeky nature that were taken away from this world a bit too prematurely. TV - "Heat Vision and Jack" (1999) You've never seen this.

Contact solution may do more harm than good

Last week, Bausch and Lomb asked retailers to remove ReNu, a contact lens cleaning solution, from their shelves. In doing this, the company takes one of the most popular contact lens cleaning solutions off the market and forces users to switch to other brands.

This week on eBay: v2.0

One of my favorite columns from last semester was my investigation of the weird and wacky crap you can find on eBay. Well, I'm at it again, so let's try This Week on eBay: Part 2! Item #9507240223 - Two-Headed Calf Mount I'm sure we've all looked around our homes and said, "You know what I need? I need a stuffed two-headed calf in my living room!" Don't let Ripley's Believe It or Not! create a monopoly on deformed animals.

Study finds migraines on rise, new treatments available

Have you been suffering from severe headaches for years? Maybe you've attributed them to stress over classes or relationships. Maybe you've blamed them on partying habits. However, a new study shows that cases of migraines in teenagers are on the rise, and maybe those frequent headaches should be taken more seriously.

Black Spidey suit stirs controversy

After spending a couple of weeks getting my nose rather brown by writing about Kevin Smith, it's time to move beyond him and my "hung like a wookiee" comment and back into the realm of geeks. I absolutely need to address something that has everybody stirred up: Spiderman's black costume.

Sleep – it does the body good

Last week was National Sleep Awareness Week, but you were probably too busy pulling all-nighters to think about it. Getting a good night's sleep is extremely important, and while you can make all the excuses you want, each day your body needs a certain amount of sleep (usually seven or eight hours) to function properly.

No line left uncrossed by Jersey director

Kevin Smith is not a typical Hollywood director, and he made that abundantly clear when he visited the College last Thursday in Packer Hall. While most celebrities don't like to delve into their personal lives, Smith had no problem talking about his experiences.

ADHD drugs stir up controversy within medical community

Prescription drugs used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), such as Ritalin, Strattera, Adderall and Concerta, have been coming under fire lately. Back in February, the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Drug Safety and Risk Management Board recommended that a black box warning, the strongest warning for any prescription drug, was necessary to alert patients of the potential risk for heart problems.

Ear buds may lead to hearing loss

Several news stories recently warned that turning up your iPod all the way to 120 decibels can cause hearing loss. Should you be concerned, or is this another one of those doomsayer stories to attract readers and get ratings? To give you an idea of how loud 120 decibels are, consider the following: A dishwasher produces about 60 decibels of sound.

Jersey-born director embraces his inner geek

In my very first This Week in Geek column, I wrote, "You're the reason why Kevin Smith is a god among men." Little did I know that Silent Bob himself would be visiting our campus a mere six months later. Am I the biggest View Askewniverse fan out there? Probably not, but I am a huge fan of Smith's work, and since I am also a fan of lists, here are five reasons why Smith is incredibly awesome.

Teaching an old play new tricks

No two performances of Stephen Shwartz's 1971 musical "Godspell" are ever alike. The success of the show hinges on the creativity and improvisational skills of its cast. This past weekend, the College's Opera Theatre brought its interpretation to four performances at Kendall Hall, and while many audience members may have seen "Godspell" before, this version was certainly a must-see.

Bored? Try these little-known games

It's still winter for a few more weeks, and if you're trapped in your dorm on a weekend, there's no better way to spend your time with friends (besides getting drunk off your asses) than gathering to play one of your favorite board games. This week, I'll be reviewing some hidden treasures that are definitely worth trying out! Clue: Master Detective (1988) Who hasn't played Clue? There's a reason it has endured all these years: it's a really good game.

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