Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Brianna Gunter

Adderall: the new Red Bull?

Recent years show a boom in students turning to the prescription drug Adderall for exams, writing papers and long study sessions. With another round of final exams on the horizon, the College is no exception to this phenomenon.

Swimming around for love and truth

It isn’t often that audience members at the Don Evans Black Box Theater have to worry about being in a splash zone, but All College Theatre’s most recent production, “Metamorphoses,” was so true to Mary Zimmerman’s play of ancient Greek tales told around a pool of water that it did, in fact, include a pool with real water in the center of the small stage.

Live from the College it’s Seth Meyers!

The “Saturday Night Live” comic launched straight into his first joke of the night: “(The opening act) and I were so excited to be here. We thought we were coming to a college of New Jersey, and we find out we’re at The College of New Jersey … I mean this is the big time.”

Guilty verdict for former Rutgers student

Dharun Ravi has been found guilty of 15 counts, stemming from his actions leading up to the suicide of his roommate in 2010.

Prosecution rests in Rutgers suicide trial

The trial of former Rutgers student Dharun Ravi is underway in Middlesex County. Ravi's roommate Tyler Clementi killed himself almost two years ago, and Ravi is now charged with a hate crime.

Tales of a Tuskegee Airman

Many people may not know that “Red Tails,” the movie released Jan. 20 about the Tuskegee Airmen of WWII, has a link with the College, but Elwood “Woody” Thomas Driver ’42 became one of the famed African-American pilots after graduating from what was then New Jersey State Teachers College at Trenton.

Why can’t people speak for themselves?

Free speech is a wonderful thing, and a given right for everyone — unless of course that person’s employer prohibits it. Back when I was...

Parking at the College not so cheap in comparison

Students at the College pay more than most for parking, and yet there are still concerning problems with parking and availability.

KatManDu will close

Popular nightclub and restaurant KatManDu came under new ownership late last year, and officials announced on Jan. 13 that it is closing for renovations. When it reopens, the beloved nighttime hotspot will have a new look and a new name.

Islands at the College — who knew?

Lake Sylva and Lake Cera were once hubs of activity and much of this was due to a handful of small islands on Lake Sylva. Anyone can see that there are no islands on either lake today, so what happened?

Residence hall rumors debunked

Was Centennial Hall an elementary school? Was ABE a nursing home? Norsworthy a small hospital? Let the debunking begin.

A little history on the Prairie

Unlike the vast majority of namesakes at the College, calling the quadrangle "Quimby's Prairie" did not necessarily come about out of respect for the man it is named after.

Is Holman haunted? The building’s buried history

Holman Hall is haunted because it was built on an Indian burial ground — at least, it is according to campus legend. This may sound ridiculous to some and plausible to others, but the truth is not exactly cut and dry.

We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you?

Homecoming is the one time of the year where complaints about student apathy come across as completely foolish and untrue.

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