November 25, 2020

NFL teams as Top 100 Billboard hits

October 15, 2013 Chris Molicki 4

Six weeks through the NFL, it’s hard to truly feel like we understand every team. There’s still plenty of mysteries to be solved, games to be played and injuries to be had. But right now, teams have defined themselves enough to where they can be described in the most fantastic of ways: music.

I’ve given every NFL team their own theme song, a song off the top 100 Billboard hits right now that accurately describes each team. […]

Tan May satisfies Chinese food hankering

October 1, 2013 Chris Molicki 0

Chinese food is a staple in the lives of most college students. Whether you’re sick of Eickhoff or need a late-night snack, an order of chicken and broccoli is less than an hour away. But all Chinese food is not created equal, which is why I’m going to tell you about the best Chinese place near the College: Tan May.

Football holds SVU to 108 yards in win

October 1, 2013 Chris Molicki 0

When things aren’t working, it’s often time for a change. That’s what Lions head coach Wayne Dickens saw in the team’s 7-2 win over Southern Virginia University on Saturday, Sept. 28 when he benched sophomore quarterback Chris Spellman in favor of sophomore quarterback Sam Paladino. The result was the College’s first win of the season.

Red Sox on top after under-the-radar offseason

September 24, 2013 Chris Molicki 0

A blockbuster trade between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers last year effectively made Boston the land of the misfit toys. The Red Sox had endured one of their worst seasons in recent memory, finishing at the bottom of the AL East despite lofty expectations. Fast forward to right now, as Boston has the best record in baseball during a season that had virtually no expectations.

What a difference a year makes. […]

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