Monday, April 19, 2021

Jake Mulick

North Korean missile test-launches set world on edge

North Korea test-launched a ballistic missile directly over Japan in a brazen attempt to intimidate the country on Aug. 28, according to The New York Times.

Threat of nuclear war elevates between North Korea and U.S.

The United States and South Korea engaged in an annual joint military exercise on Aug. 2, according to CNN. The state-run North Korean newspaper Rodung Simnu warned against the exercise as it could further inflame the tense rhetoric between President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

China’s ‘Great Firewall’ blocks Pinterest

The Chinese government has banned the popular social networking and image sharing site Pinterest.

NJEA Teacher of the Year offers advice to future educators

While speaking to education majors like she would her high school music students, Argine Safari detailed her journey to becoming the New Jersey Education Association’s 2016 Teacher of the Year.

Iranian sanctions signal new hardline for the Trump administration

President Donald Trump approved sanctions on Iranian businesses and individuals following missile testing in Tehran, the Iranian Capital.

Barrack Obama is destined for Rushmore

Barack Obama will be remembered as one of the greatest president’s this country has ever had. He is not only the first president of color, but also a president who has drastically changed the world in which we live since he started running the country in 2008.

Comedy Central roast reaches new Lowe

Last week, I watched Comedy Central’s “Roast of Rob Lowe,” and it was awesome.

Chance The Rapper releases colorful mixtape

Chicago-native Chancelor Bennett has been dominating the rap game. The world is next. More commonly known as Chance The Rapper, the 23-year-old released his third mixtape in the last five years, “Coloring Book,” earlier this summer.

Marshawn Lynch: greatest player of all time

If the future plays out as I described it and the perception of football as a sport shifts this dramatically, I think Marshawn Lynch will be remembered as the greatest player of all time.

Supporting the Mets makes Seinfeld funnier

Part of Seinfeld’s persona is intrinsically linked with the Mets and he would not be as funny or, consequently, successful, if he were not a Mets fan.

Journalism still matters in the digital age

The influx of stories based around clickbait and sexy headlines that lack any substance at all is killing all credibility in the news industry, so quality journalism is especially in the digital age.

Athletes’ ability to atone for past acts astonishing

By Jake Mulick Staff Writer How good of an athlete does a person have to be so that the general public ignores just how terrible of...

Barbara Meyers Pelson lecture showcases research

The first annual Barbara Meyers Pelson ’59 Chair in Faculty-Student Engagement Lecture on Wednesday, March 30, in room 212 of the Education Building, provided an in-depth look at the research performed by undergraduate students at the College. The lecture featured a panel of three faculty-student teams from the School of Education that shared their research results and perspectives on conducting research as an undergraduate.

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