Monday, June 14, 2021

Kaitlin Severini

Habitat for Humanity to aid in Katrina cleanup

The 2005-2006 Student Finance Board (SFB) passed its last motion of the year to give Habitat for Humanity $750 of its $1,484.06 request to send 15 students to New Orleans to remove debris from the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Jon Borst, newly elected executive director and Habitat for Humanity's liaison, said the request should be considered a special appropriations request instead of a conference request, which is how Habitat for Humanity submitted it.

Club softball request denied

The Student Finance Board (SFB) passed a motion 11-1 to give zero funding to the women's club softball team's request for $523.84 to attend the 2006 National Club Softball Tournament. Unfamiliar with SFB policy, the team came up for funding after already having paid for its registration.

BSU denied funding for fashion show

On Wednesday, the Student Finance Board (SFB) passed a motion to deny funding to the Black Student Union (BSU) for its annual fashion show in Kendall Hall on Saturday, April 8. The $4,102 request included dry cleaning costs for the designers providing outfits for the show, Kendall staffing, fliers and makeup for the models, among other items.

Poets, concert funded for Latino Awareness Month

On Wednesday, the Student Finance Board (SFB) passed two motions, both 11-0-2, to fully fund Uni?n Latina's $425 and $3,000 requests to invite speaker Bobby Gonzalez to the College, as well as poets from "Beat of the Nuyorican Poet," respectively. As part of April's Latino Awareness Month, Gonzalez will discuss colonialism in his lecture "The Untold Story of the Americas.

College to host conservative politician Pat Buchanan

At its Wednesday meeting before Spring Break, the Student Finance Board (SFB) passed a motion 13-0-2 to fund the College Republicans' $15,002 request to bring three-time presidential candidate Pat Buchanan to speak at the College on April 20. The organization originally requested $14,501.

Gospel Choir Ministry tour funded

The Student Finance Board (SFB) passed a motion 11-3 to provide the Gospel Choir Ministry $2,200 for its annual Spring Break tour. Although the organization received funding, the amount given was about half the $4,261 requested, as board members were skeptical about what the tour, which will make stops in Fayetteville, N.

College to host political comedians

The Student Finance Board (SFB) passed a motion to fund the College Democrats' request to bring "Comedy Against Evil," a political comedy team, to the College on March 22. "I think the event will definitely draw people," Erica Klazmer, sophomore representative, said.

‘Mystique,’ movie marathon receive full funding

The Student Finance Board (SFB) unanimously passed two motions to fully fund the Asian American Association's (AAA) $2,814.70 request to host its annual program "Mystique" as well as its $562 request to hold the Spring Multicultural Buffet. "I think ("Mystique" and the Multicultural Buffet) are going to be very successful," Erica Klazmer, sophomore representative, said.

BSU receives full funding for anniversary, rededication

The Student Finance Board (SFB) passed a motion to fully fund the Black Student Union's (BSU) $1,759.50 request to hold a celebration of its 25th anniversary and of the rededication of the George Jackson Center. Most board members agreed that the value of the organization to the College warranted such a large-scale celebration.

SFB funds Pablo Francisco, mtvU’s Campus Invasion Tour

On Wednesday, the Student Finance Board (SFB) passed a motion 14-0 to fully fund the College Union Board's (CUB) request to bring comedian Pablo Francisco to the College in April. "I like that CUB tried to find more of a diverse comedian," Julia Pratt, executive director of SFB, said.

SFB gives funds for Broadway trip, announces open position

This Wednesday, the Student Finance Board (SFB) passed a motion 13-0-1 to give the Protestant Bible Fellowship the $98.90 it requested to buy an additional set of communion plates. A motion was also passed 14-0 to give PEANUTS full funding, $1,160, for its Broadway musical trip to see "Stomp.

SFB zero funds Keysha Cole, Ne-Yo event

The Student Finance Board (SFB) passed a motion on Wednesday to provide zero funding to Sankofa for its Valentine's Day R&B concert featuring Keysha Cole and Ne-Yo as part of February's Black History Month. Sankofa requested $17,619 for the event, with hopes that 800 of the College's students would attend concert in Kendall Hall.

SFB funds request for band Mae to play at Welcome Back Weekend

On Wednesday, the Student Finance Board (SFB) fully funded two requests from the College Union Board (CUB) to hold its annual Welcome Back Weekend Concert and to attend the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) conference in February. CUB was previously allocated $7,500 for its other Welcome Back weekend events in January, but wanted an additional $2,750 to invite the band Mae, a group that Kajal Vora, director of finance for CUB, called "happy punk," to perform.

SFB funds Leadership Lock-up, swing dance

The Student Finance Board (SFB) passed a motion on Wednesday to fully fund the Leadership Development Program's (LDP) annual Leadership Lock-up, a daylong event that allows student leaders to network and strengthen their leadership skills through team-building activities and discussions.

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