October 27, 2020

Is 21 all that it seems?

April 21, 2011 Katie Brenzel 0

You’ve waited two long years for this. Languishing in your dormitory, lamenting how you can’t, yet, partake in the exotic world known only to those older than 20. You’d sit by your window — this […]

Logic shutdown hampers Congress

April 13, 2011 Katie Brenzel 0

As a College student — and a human being — I find myself confronted with the illogical on a daily basis. Yet, this is a fairly liberal-minded place, I think. Generally speaking, the College population […]

Which direction home?

April 13, 2011 Katie Brenzel 0

To resign the lease or to not resign the lease? It’s a question that comes with sentimental and nightmarish baggage. Remember the horrible battle with pests? The draft that prevents the house temperature from exceeding […]

Cooking up some creativity

March 23, 2011 Katie Brenzel 3

The world was your oyster between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., the wondrous hours where you were granted the options of not only eating at Eickhoff, but three other dining locals, for “free.” Oh, how […]

‘Sexting’ in the Garden State

March 16, 2011 Katie Brenzel 1

With great technology, comes great responsibility. Or, for some people, the ability to send nude photos to all their friends. According to nj.com, the New Jersey Assembly passed a bill Monday that will allow first-time […]

Race-based Campus Police lawsuit dismissed

February 23, 2011 Katie Brenzel 0

The Mercer County Superior Court dismissed allegations of race-based discrimination against the College and three white Campus Police officers on Feb. 1, according to lawyer Mark Pfeffer, who is representing the three black Campus Police […]

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