Sunday, June 13, 2021

Kayla Lafi

Student activists discuss prominent social justice issues

Feminism, race and sexual violence were just a few of the many social justice issues discussed in the Education Building as students were encouraged to approach different tables and explore presentations by its respective organizations.

Chabad and Hillel host Purim

“Today we are celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim, which, like all Jewish holidays, is about people trying to kill us,” said David Lapidow, vice president of Chabad and a fifth-year career and community studies major.

Students network at career fair

Students dressed in business casual attire arrived at the Student Recreation Center on Wednesday, Feb. 22, with their résumés in-hand for the College’s biannual Spring Career and Internship Fair. The fair attracted students looking for summer internships, full-time positions and networking opportunities.

Mariachi Grill brings Mexican cuisine to campus

As you walk through Campus Town, you might hear the faint sounds of Mexican music.

Redberry serves frozen treats with a smile

By Kayla Lafi Features Assistant Two kids race to the front door and rush inside the shop with wide smiles stretching from ear to ear. Their...

Movie highlights the incredible ‘Job’

By Kayla Lafi Features Assistant Director Danny Boyle and award-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin have teamed up to bring audiences a behind-the-scenes look into the success story...

‘Big Gay Bingo’ finishes Queer Awareness Month

By Kayla Lafi Features Assistant Queer Awareness has been a month-long celebration here at the College during the month of October. PRISM held its annual “Big...

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