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Kelly Meisberger

On the other side of the notebook

Kelly Meisberger: What has been your favorite course to teach and why? Bob Cole: I've introduced 16 new courses over (33) years. Many were special to me. Beats and Deadlines was special to me because students so often told me later that what we did in the course is what they did when they went out in the field.

Editor’s Note

This wrap was originally supposed to be only a few pages long. After reaching out to over 700 journalism and Signal alumni, it was surprising that, at the beginning, the write-ups barely trickled in. For a week or so, I worried that the alumni and students were too busy with their own lives - that I was going to have to coax some extra content out of the already-swamped Signal staff.

Four years at Signal – not a bore…ealis

Ladies and gentlemen of the Spring 2006 Staff: Love The Signal. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, The Signal would be it. The long-term benefits of The Signal have been proven by 121 years of basement dwellers, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meanderings as News Assistant, News Editor, Managing Editor and Editor in Chief.

Law for high school students could cause ‘major’ problems

College students think they have it tough trying to weed through their interests and settle on a major that will dictate the rest of their working lives. Now think about having four more years of that pressure. If Jeb Bush has his way, Florida students might have to deal with just that.

Why Irish eyes are not smiling

They say that on March 17 everyone is Irish, but it must not feel that way for the members of New York's Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization (ILGO), who were again denied participation in the city's largest St. Patrick's Day parade. Protesters took to the streets on parade day with particular fury this year, after parade chairman John Dunleavy's loaded comments to The Irish Times last week.

Turn off the tube

Recently, my pattern of consciousness has consisted of the following: waking up, eating, watching "Law & Order," going to class, eating and watching "Law & Order" - promptly followed by more "Law & Order." Sleep and repeat, and repeat, and repeat. I am fully aware that I watch too much television.

The old switcheroo

As a graduating senior with nearly all my requirements checked off, this should have been the best semester ever. And it started that way. Twelve credits, two of them electives, I was looking to breeze by to graduation. And then last Tuesday happened. Yes, last Tuesday, as in the day before classes began.

Hardship, disease – and she puts condoms on with her mouth

River Huston has done more in her life than most people. She's farmed marijuana in Northern California and worked as a dominatrix and a street musician. She's been an unwilling participant in two robberies, lived in an orange van in Mexico and she can put on a condom using only her mouth.

Kangaroos, footy, and Ned Kelly – life in Australia

Reading up on Australia before my flight here in February, it hit me how little I really knew about the country that was to be my home for the next five months (beyond clich?d thoughts of beautiful beaches and citizens using kangaroos as a mode of transportation, that is) while I studied at the University of Melbourne.

Commentary: Disney mars classic movies with disappointing sequels

Disney classics - we all have them tucked away among the rows of VHS tapes in our movie collections. "The Lion King," "Aladdin," "Beauty and the Beast," "The Little Mermaid" - they're staples of our childhood, ones that seemed so steadfast they would never change.

Ten shows you should know

Have you boycotted TV time ever since the sun set on "Friends"? Well couch potatoes, the time has come to dig out your remote (it's under your bed next to that stale piece of pizza from last September) and tune in, because there's a whole new world of broadcasting that has yet to be discovered.

Meal plan change leaves underclassmen in Eickhoff

Oh dear freshman, how I pity you. And frosh-to-be, I don't even know you and yet I feel your pain. Once again, the ingenious members of the College administration have chosen to screw you over. Sodexho. The word already strikes fear in the heart of every College student, vegetarian and meat-eater alike.

Being involved — low cost but high dividends

Have you ever had one of those "I guess you had to be there" moments? You tell your friends something that happened in class, but it's as if you're conversing with some unengaged gelatinous species that just doesn't get it. And try as you might, you can't make it funny, you can't make them care, because they had to experience it for themselves.

Does technology rule your life? Snail mail is worth the wait

How would you like it if all you received on your birthday were e-mail and IM celebration wishes? What about if on your anniversary, your significant other said, "Here's some flowers, I e-mailed you the card"? The point is that even in today's technologically abundant society, virtual greetings - whether they are through e-mail, IM or even online cards - leave something to be desired.

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