Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Matt Stambaugh

Historical neighborhood celebrates holiday tradition

Raul Valcarcel congregates his guests in his living room and draws their attention to his antique Victrola phonograph. When the needle is placed on the record, the soothing sounds of a vintage recording of "Auld Lang Syne" fill the room and blend with the delicious aroma of chocolate chip cookies baking in the kitchen.

Late night events offer an alternative to partying

Take the letters between T and W and you get UV. This simple reasoning was the inspiration for the name of one of this semester's most successful series of on-campus events - UV Latenite - which takes place every Friday night in the T/W Dining Hall which is, of course, between Travers and Wolfe halls.

Living day to day – mentally ill patients share their stories

People with mental illnesses are not dangerous outcasts without any hope of becoming functioning members of society. They merely require extra willpower in order to lead happy, normal lives. This was the message being expressed by members of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) during their presentation "In Our Own Voice: Living with Mental Illness," which was held on Oct.

Lions young and old reunite for a delightful Homecoming afternoon

There is no question about it - alumni definitely come out for Homecoming. All day Saturday the College was teeming with hundreds of past, present and possibly future Lions. Events on Friday and Sunday rounded out a weekend of reunions and celebration. "I love visiting the campus and seeing how it's changed since we graduated," Stacy Foster, class of 2002, said.

Successful alum discusses the role of the ‘new woman’

When Gale Wayman graduated from the College in 1970, she hit the ground running and hasn't slowed down since. Her insatiable hunger for knowledge and experience in as many areas as possible has led her to Brazil, China and Russia as an international businesswoman.

Wealth of part-time job opportunities open for students

College students often fantasize that their summer jobs will provide them with enough income to last them not only through the summer, but also into the fall. Somewhere along the line these illusions are dashed - be it after that week-long bender down the shore or at the campus bookstore check-out counter.

Former student will travel to Africa with Peace Corps

Shannon McCray has always had a passion for teaching and traveling. On Sept. 25, the 22-year-old alumnus of the College will get to combine these passions when she embarks on a 27-month trip to the east African nation of Mozambique as a volunteer for the Peace Corps.

ASA Benefit Show

A three-hour concert featuring four bands was held Friday at 8 p.m. in the Holman Hall drawing room. The event was held to raise money for the Art Student Association. Bands included the Illiterate Ants (junior psychology major Christopher Perez, senior mathematics major David Byrne, senior fine arts major Kyle LoPinto and senior history major Chris D'Amore); the Combovers (the recording alias of freshman biology major Peter Davis), the Bikini Carwash Company (the recording alias of Syracuse graduate Scott Wiener) and Trtl Soup (junior economics major Joe Moore, senior sociology major Eric Freda and their friend Alex Minicozzi).

‘Mystique’ brings taste of the East to the College

The sights and sounds of the Far East filled the Kendall Hall auditorium Saturday night during Mystique: Ghosts of Asian Past. The Asian American Association's (AAA) 12th annual Mystique of the East combined over 20 acts of dance, music, theater, martial arts and fashion into one spectacular journey through various Asian cultures.

Bluish reigns supreme at Battle of the Bands

New York City indie rock band Bluish won top honors at Saturday's 2006 Battle of the Bands competition, hosted by campus radio station WTSR. The band was one of four that played to a large audience in the Rathskeller. Other participants included runner-up The Greenhouse Band, a hard-rock foursome from Jamesburg, N.

Play details wild life of a proper prostitute

Irish dramatist George Bernard Shaw's 1898 play, "Mrs. Warren's Profession," is notorious for its depiction of prostitution as being just like any other occupation. Though her manners are a bit crude, the title character is well respected among her friends, and rich enough to provide her daughter Vivie with the finest education.

Experimental trio finds audience in NYC

Turtle Soup sounds like something unappetizing at first, but given the chance, it turns out to be quite tasty --- like green eggs and ham. It's a befitting moniker for a band whose sonic experiments and bizarre instrumentation are not what you would expect from average college student musicians.

Theta Week puts College’s diversity on display

The Alpha Gamma Colony of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority celebrated its emergence at the College with a ceremony Saturday night. The ceremony was the culmination of Theta Week: a week's worth of Theta Nu Xi-sponsored events to help promote diversity on campus.

Students get ‘play’-ful at WIRED 2006

This year's WIRED was so funny, it was a sin. Seven of them, actually. "The Seven Deadly Sins" was the theme of the third annual WIRED, a 24-hour competition in which groups of students write, cast, direct, rehearse and ultimately perform seven one-act plays.

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