Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Nicole Ferrito

AEPi hosts 24-hour barbecue to raise money

By Nicole Ferrito Staff Writer Hotdogs and hamburgers were grilled for 24 hours straight on Tuesday, April 28, as the brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity...

Winning team of Mayo Business Plan ‘on a roll’

By Nicole Ferrito Staff Writer An electric longboard, an innovative social network platform and a South Asian-style restaurant were the top three ideas presented by students during the...

Harvard professor makes a case for diversity

By Nicole Ferrito Staff Writer In honor of Black History Month, Harvard University professor Charles J. Ogletree invited students, faculty and staff to engaged in a...

Regina Holliday paints for advocacy : Campus speech

Advocating on the importance of having easy access to medical records and positive doctor-patient relationships, Regina Holliday recounted her difficult hospital experience when her husband Fred suffered from kidney cancer.

JEWeek: Holocaust survivor shares journey

Last week’s Jewish Education Week was organized to bring awareness to the Jewish population on campus and to encourage involvement in the programs put forth by the Hillel Society and the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, explained Carly Kalman, sophomore Jewish Awareness Month and social action chair of Hillel Society.

Sorority raises Alzheimer’s awareness

Kicking off the school year with the third annual Ultra Violet Week philanthropy event, the College’s Sigma Kappa sorority held a series of activities throughout the week to raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Enterntainment Education: Rewriting the script in India

Students and faculty at the College got to experience a master class on entertainment education taught by Arvind Singhal, who has studied and worked with this public health communication strategy for years. The method has been conducted to produce positive social change in countries such as India and South Africa.

Dangers in mental health

Violence does not only impact victims that have been directly harmed, but also affects those who have witnessed it. The College’s Bonner Center hosted a forum on Thursday, March 21 that questioned a panel of experts dealing with violence on community and political levels.

College responds to Newtown tragedy

In light of recent tragic shooting events, an increase in police presence, emergency management and security is being implemented throughout certain public spaces, such as at colleges and universities.

Brown Bag breaks down gender roles

Speaking on the topic of gender stereotypes that exist in our society today and the role it plays in the performance and ballet industry were history professor Cynthia Paces and owner of Renaissance Dance in Ewing, Bernd Burgmaier.

DPhiE helps combat eating disorders

With the constant barrage of images in our media today that defines what the “perfect” body type is, it comes as no surprise to learn that there are over 10 million reported cases of eating disorders among women. The Delta Phi Epsilon sorority at the College devoted the past week to their philanthropy, eating disorder awareness.

Rankin: ‘Your voice matters’; Four phases of Climate Survey

Addressing the issue of diversity at the College, Rankin & Associates — climate survey consultant of higher education — presented a Climate Survey Project, “Your Voice Matters: an Assessment of Learning, Living, and Working on Campus,” in the Education Building, on Wednesday, Oct. 17.

Students learn the hardships of Spain

The paranoia and fear captured in Jose Luis Cuerda’s emotional film, “Los Girasoles Cieglos,” characterizes the lives of the liberal Republicans of Spain after their defeat in the Spanish Civil war.

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