Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Rebecca Scanlon

Silent demonstators protest hatred, fear of homosexuals

Students lined the long ramp and leaned against poles in the dining area of Brower Student Center last Wednesday, but they were not just hanging out. They had gagged themselves with rainbow-striped cloths, or had duct tape with words like "fag" or "queer" written on them across their mouths.

Teaching in different corners of the world

How would you like to live in an apartment with a picturesque view while learning about a foreign culture and preparing for your career? Such was the experience of Erin McCarthy, senior elementary education and sociology major, when she did the eight weeks of her student teaching on the island of Mallorca, Spain as part of the Global Student Teaching (GST) program at the College.

Artist enhances beauty of art with language

Conventional language is an important tool in relaying the meaning of art, Adrian Piper, an artist who visited the College last Thursday told students during her lecture at the Music Building Concert Hall. Piper is an artist who for over 30 years has created work through various forms of media that focuses on racism, racial stereotyping and xenophobia.

Faculty members prove they can do more than teach

Singing deans, dancing faculty, the newly released Martha Stewart and the aged Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton. Such were the sights and sounds of the College's fourth annual Faculty/Staff Variety show. Family, co-workers and even some students spent their Friday night in Kendall Hall watching the College's finest prove they can do more than run a school.

Spiritual Center opens to positive responses from campus community

Despite last year's concerns that the new Spiritual Center would not be big enough to accommodaste weekly services, campus religious organizations have found its facilities adequate. "It's working pretty good," Father Joseph Hlubik of the Catholic Campus Ministries (CCM) said.

Seniors don’t want to grow up, they are TCNJ kids

Seniors at the College are getting flashbacks of four years ago: having anxiety about leaving a familiar setting, preparing to go into the "real world," feeling the need to fit in all of the fun they can before they have too much responsibility to do so, and not caring a thing about what's going on in class.

AAA kicks off Experience Asia month with FantAsia

The Asian American Association (AAA) held FantAsia, an assortment of cultural workshops to promote Experience Asia, the November phenomenon celebrating Asian culture with events, speakers, and other workshops, Friday night in the Cromwell lounge. Thoa Nguin, junior early elementary education and psychology major, as well as Vice President of Internal Affairs of AAA and organizer of FantAsia, estimated that more than 100 people visited the free event between 8 p.

Listen while you surf — MP3 blogs new music downloading alternative

Weblogs have been around for years, providing anyone with Internet access a forum to express his or her views and discuss his or her life. But words are not enough. Blogs, described by Brian Garrity of Billboard magazine as do-it-yourself Web sites composed of journal-style commentary, have been supplemented with links to news and other Web sites and photos.

College student studies bugs and helps save lives

If summer internships sound like months of doing pointless work in a dull lab or office with no self-fulfillment, consider spending a summer working in Venezuela to save millions of South Americans, feeding deprived alligators and being surrounded by rattlesnakes.

‘Sunny days’ for “Sesame Street” on its anniversary

Sure, people joke that Bert and Ernie were gay, that Cookie Monster would do anything to get a fix and that the whole thing where Big Bird was the only one that could see Snuffleupagus until one day when magically everyone could see him, too, was just plain weird.

V-Day is bringing ‘Vaginas’ to a theater near you

Get ready, vaginas. The third annual production of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues" will be on campus this Valentine's Day weekend. But don't turn away, penises. "I know it's called 'The Vagina Monologues,'" Nina Davidson, sophomore English and women's and gender studies major, and one of the five student directors said.

Community Fest 2003

Early forecasts predicted rain, but the sun shone down on this year's Community Fest. Visitors to the event, co-sponsored by the Township of Ewing and the College, enjoyed live bands, events for kids, carnival food and an opportunity to interact with community businesses and organizations.

Photojournalist tells of experiences in war-torn Africa

A girl soldier in Liberia appears to be laughing as she points a gun toward someone off-camera. "She was threatening my friend with a gun," said Michael Kamber, the photojournalist who took the picture. "They were having a good time." The audience laughed slightly, not sure if he was joking.

Two students fought for freedom overseas: Dougherty, Air Force pilot, flew missions over Afghanistan

Kimberly Dougherty is making a career change. For 22 years, she was one of the few women navigators in the United States Air Force, and reached the rank of lieutenant colonel before retiring. This fall, however, she became a student. She began taking graduate classes at the College in the hopes of one day teaching English.

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