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College taking the right steps after V-Tech tragedy

It's been a little over a week since the horrific shooting that took the lives of innocent students and faculty at Virginia Tech. Media outlets have been quick to attack the school's administration for the failure to both shut down the campus and to provide help for Seung-Hui Cho long before he decided to murder 32 people.

Horrific shooting renews campus security debate

As reports of the death toll from the shooting at Virginia Tech University steadily rose on Monday, the immensity of the situation became more and more clear: Not only was this the worst school shooting in U.S. history, it was the worst shooting rampage this country has ever seen.

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg… for Higher Education

On Thursday, the Student Government Association (SGA) hosted a forum on the state budget and higher education. SGA members prepared a PowerPoint presentation and went step-by-step through the ways budget cuts from Trenton have hurt the College. The turnout was pretty impressive: There were about 75 people in attendance.

Looking Beyond the Numbers

It was encouraging to learn that Gov. Jon S. Corzine's proposed budget for fiscal year 2008 included a $49.3 million boost for higher education, including a $1.6 million raise in the College's base appropriation. While the College administration is still reviewing the financial details, it is clear that the proposed budget is a whole lot kinder to the College than was last year's.

Seniors Get The Shaft

Seal is plagued by administrative failures It was disappointing and downright alarming to hear that due to a deficit of thousands of dollars, the 2007 edition of the Seal is in danger of being canceled. While a college yearbook doesn't nearly have the appeal of our beloved high school books, it still serves as an important memory of our college years.

2007: A defining year

On Sunday, students returned to campus to notice that things had changed since they left. Dining Services proudly proclaims in its brochure, "We've been busy while you were gone!" The Holman Cart was transplanted to Armstrong Hall and renamed the KinetiCart.


Many students were surprised to receive an e-mail on behalf of the New Jersey State Police about details related to the disappearance of John Fiocco Jr. Reports about a tip provided to state police by the Fiocco family's lawyer, Glenn Zeitz, circulated through local media outlets.

We can’t be happy underground

We were alarmed this week at news that an underground fraternity is operating on campus. According to reports gathered by the Signal staff, the group - calling itself Chi Beta Pi - has been holding rush events for freshmen with the promise that they would get some form of recognition at a later date.

College pops a Kappa

The establishment of a Phi Beta Kappa honor society chapter at the College - one of 276 among the thousands of colleges in the United States - is an important step in our institution's slow transformation from a little-recognized state teaching school into a nationally renowned school.

Our Police State School

We are in the autumn of our discontent here at the College. Each week The Signal has to deliver news about a new, depressing restriction. Between the threat of litigation for downloading music, the ubiquitous presence of parking tickets and the Ewing Township ordinance cracking down on underage drinking, the college experience is being smothered by regulation after regulation.

Is ‘Landfill’ trash?

As members of the press, the preservation of our rights under the First Amendment is particularly important to us. For this reason, we defend Joyce Carol Oates' right to publish her recent story "Landfill." After all, it is common practice for authors to use true events as inspiration.

The facts as reported…

We can certainly understand any ill feelings from Sodexho employees toward last week's "Eye on SGA" column that reported on vague remarks from executive vice president James Gant that the College's food service company participated in a program to hire ex-convicts.

This is the end of journalism

The story of John Fiocco Jr. became something far more than a story for the Signal staff last week. As we foreswore classes and homework to follow the news as it broke and to keep our Web site,, up to date, we found ourselves in an increasingly precarious position: as Fiocco's fellow students, we were forced to balance the fear and uncertainty that took hold of the College community at large with our professional responsibilities as journalists to cover the story.

Learn the facts before you protest

Ahh, new logo. How much does the campus community hate thee? Let us count the ways ... or not. See, here at The Signal, we receive letter upon letter upon letter about "just how awful that stupid shield really is." While this is a perfectly valid assertion, the evidence used to support many of these opinions is .

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