Friday, July 23, 2021

Tammy Tibbetts

The new HPV vaccine – it’s worth a shot

Here's a story that I wish had received as much coverage as Anna Nicole Smith's death: The FDA approved a vaccine for women ages 9 to 26 that attacks the leading cause of cervical cancer - HPV. Gardasil, the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine, debuted in June and is 100 percent effective in preventing HPV strains 16 and 18, which cause 70 percent of cervical cancers.

NJ TRANSIT offers college students the chance to travel for free

From Sept. 18 to 24, students who feel overcharged for their tuition, textbooks and C-store goods can appreciate at least one bargain their student status brings - free transportation via NJ TRANSIT. Next week, students can ride NJ TRANSIT buses, trains and light rail for free with a valid student ID and a free ride coupon, which can be printed out from njtransit.

Future students will not receive full merit scholarships

Incoming students will no longer receive scholarships covering tuition, and room and board until the state budget restores funding to the Outstanding Scholar Recruitment Program (OSRP), which offered full scholarships to students who had near-perfect SAT scores and were in the top fifth percentile of their high school class.

Class of 2010: Large and in Charge

Before the 1,294 students enrolled in the Class of 2010 even set foot on campus, they already established themselves as the largest freshman class in nine years at the College. Their size is a side effect of the $150 million state budget cut in July. President R.

Panelists tell women they can ‘have it all’

For decades, feminist Gloria Steinem spoke to students at universities across the country, championing women's rights and promoting female leadership. Her effect on one college woman in the 1970s rippled all the way to the New Library auditorium last Wednesday.

Play tackles taboos to end gender violence

The numbers are impressive: 700 universities and colleges are involved in it; 37 women from the College performed in it this year; it has raised more than $30 million for women and girls worldwide; and it is empowered by one word. Vagina. "The Vagina Monologues," created by award-winning author Eve Ensler, is an international production that supports V-Day, the movement to end rape, female genital mutilation, battery, sexual slavery, incest - all violence against women and girls.

Globetrotters spot trends, share oddities from abroad

It's a known fact that students study abroad to experience a new culture - what most of us don't realize are all the quirks that are a part of it. For that, we can rely on the stories of the 82 students who have just returned to the College after spending the Fall semester abroad.

Life in Spain-More than siestas and flamenco

For travelers, 80 days have much potential. You can follow the example of Jules Verne's classic book and go around the world. Or, like me, you can choose to spend a semester abroad and immerse yourself in what might as well be a whole new world. This fall, I'm studying in Salamanca, Spain, a postcard-perfect city two-and-a-half hours northwest of Madrid, where I've learned more than is possible in any classroom.

Edith to receive Sesquicentennial Distinguished Service Award

Like graduating seniors, Edith Hahn, who brews Starbucks coffee in Brower Student Center, will be leaving the College to begin a new phase of her life in May. At 89-years-old, she is retiring, but not before joining the students she loves at Commencement. To honor her 15 years of service-with-a-smile at the College, the Class of 2005 will present Edith with the Sesquicentennial Distinguished Service Award.

Student-made film gives Hollywood a run for its money

Laura Forti, senior English major, stepped down the aisle, filed into one of the back rows and folded down a cushiony seat next to her boyfriend last Thursday night. On the large screen before them, a new film called "The End" started to play, creating flickers of light in the darkness.

Annual night march calls for end to sexual violence

As the night chill set in last Wednesday, students sat on the cool brick ground in front of Green Hall, their eyes fixed on the emptiness behind the podium on the top step. There was an eerie silence, as attendees mustered the courage to voluntarily go up and talk into the microphone about sexual violence - to break the silence and stigma placed on victims.

Egg Donation

At some point in your life, there's a good chance you've donated blood to the Red Cross, extra change to a charity you care about, or your old clothes to the needy. If you're female, would you ever consider donating your eggs? Twelve years ago, one young woman, who will forever be unknown, did just that.

EOF receives Innovative Program Initiative Award

The College's Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) showed why it is one of the strongest in the state when the New Jersey EOF Program Professional Association (NJEOFPA) honored it with the annual Innovative Program Initiative Award last month. NJEOFPA also recognized Robert Anderson, director of Liberal Learning, as an EOF Champion for his support of EOF, a program that provides financial and academic support to highly motivated students from disadvantaged families.

Tampaction challenges menstruation taboos, feminine hygiene industry

At first glance, it may have looked like an arts and craft project: nearly 20 College females gathered in a circle, sitting cross-legged in their chairs, stitching the fabric they held in one hand with the needle and thread in the other. They're working productively in a conference room at Brower Student Center, but something else in front of them fixes their attention: a presentation on tampons.

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