Saturday, July 24, 2021

Tom Ballard

New policy stifles fundraising process

The College boasts having more than 230 student organizations on campus. That’s 230 organizations comprised of responsible adults who should, in theory, be able to take responsibility for the actions of their organization. Leadership in these organizations can teach executive and general members alike valuable skills such as time management, event planning and accountability.

Board dedicates library to Gitenstein

On Feb. 20, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to rename the TCNJ Library the R. Barbara Gitenstein Library and to grant Gitenstein the title of president emeritus.

Transgender students deserve federal protection

I have always believed that the field of education should advocate for future generations. It should not just teach algebra and geography — it should incorporate the importance of social inclusion. It is the responsibility of the U.S. Department of Education to ensure that all students have access to a quality education in an environment that is both welcoming and productive.

Res Ed should respect students’ privacy

It wasn’t until a recent experience that I had while living in one of the College’s townhouse complexes that I felt the need to voice my doubts about Res Ed and their lack of concern over student privacy.

College campaigns for Title IX awareness

“TCNJ Needs Title IX” campaign that intends to raise awareness about sexual assault and gender discrimination on campus. It features photos of students and other members of the campus community, including administrators and Campus Police, holding signs explaining why Title IX protections are important to the College community.

Why the political system works… For Republicans

In the midst of the political bickering, name-calling and all-around nasty shaming of the 2016 presidential election, there is one important and beautiful truth to point out: the system worked… at least for the Republicans.

Voter awareness important for college students

According to Michael Norquist, interim executive director of the Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL) and an adjunct political science professor, many students might not feel inclined to be involved politically because of their backgrounds.

Lions Den to reopen with new options

The Lions will soon have a new place to prowl for their next meal in their not-so-wild habitat. The new and improved Lions Den is set to open sometime mid-October in the Brower Student Center (BSC), according to Patrice Mendes, general manager for Dining Services.

New Lion’s Den will serve up new food stations

By Tom Ballard News Editor The Lions will soon have a new place to prowl for their next meal in their not-so-wild habitat. The new and...

Club helps students live ‘the green life’

By Tom Ballard News Editor Students at the College have many things on their plates, but an organization on campus is challenging them to try to...

Construction around campus progresses

By Tom Ballard News Editor While most members of the campus community spent their summer away from the College, construction crews worked to keep its ongoing...

Change in College’s Homecoming alcohol policy

By Tom Ballard News Editor No off-site alcohol will be allowed at the College’s annual Homecoming tailgate on Saturday, Oct. 29, according to a campus-wide email...

Online shopping: better than leaving the house?

Shopping can often be a painstaking series of events. A person has to plan a time to go out, drive to the store, browse the aisles in hopes of finding the items they seek, wait in line to check out and then drive back home. In a time where convenience and ease of use are in high demand, though, it is no surprise that people are seeking an alternative way to shop in order to avoid wasting time.

Athletes compete at annual Special Olympic Games

By Tom Ballard News Editor Rio de Janeiro and Ewing, N.J., had something in common this summer: both hosted record-breaking Olympic Games. From Friday, June 10,...

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