Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Tom Dunford

Tearing up the turf: Lead comes up

Despite the discovery of lead on the turf two weeks ago, commencement ceremonies will take place at Lions' Stadium this year, according to College officials. "I am extremely pleased that we should be able to resolve this situation in an effective and responsible manner," R.

Lead found in Lions’ Stadium

Lions' Stadium was closed Monday afternoon by recommendation of the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) after it found high levels of lead in the stadium's nylon-fiber turf. The stadium will remain closed until at least May, according to Matthew Golden, executive director of Public Affairs.

Pipe bursts in Brewster, students evacuated

A leak from a burst pipe in Brewster Hall forced a partial evacuation of the building for several hours Saturday evening. Almost all students were allowed to return to their rooms that night, but the building will be without hot water for an indefinite period of time.

College receives million-dollar gift

The College on Feb. 14 announced it had received a $1 million anonymous gift, marking the largest anonymous donation in the College's history and tying for the second-largest overall donation. The donation is one of many contributions and investments made in the last year that have pushed the College's overall endowment to more than $16 million.

College symposium tackles health care debate

Faculty members from an array of disciplines gathered for a symposium on Feb. 6 in the Business Building lounge to answer a seemingly simple question: "Is health care a right or a privilege?" "You cannot have a right or social justice without universal health care," Regina Kenen, professor emeritus of sociology, said.

Local experts ‘focus’ on environmental issues

Faculty, students and experts on environmental issues gathered in the Library Auditorium on Jan. 31 to participate in what was billed as "the largest teach-in in U.S. history." More than 1,100 college and university campuses in all 50 states were slated to participate in learning events as part of Focus the Nation, a national series of coordinated teaching events dedicated to discussing solutions to global warming.

Health Services warns students of flu season

As flu season blows onto campus, Health Services is advising students to take extra precautions to avoid catching the virus. "We're trying to be more proactive," Janice Vermeychuk, associate director of Health Services, said. "We don't want to wait until we have a lot of cases on our hands.

College investments break the bank

A report released by the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation (SCI) two weeks ago listed the College's debt at $350 million and produced an allegation of political interference on the College's Board of Trustees dating back to the McGreevey administration.

College able to expand administration

The creation and restoration of several new administrative positions this year marks a slow return to normalcy following the massive cuts to higher education in the state's 2007 fiscal budget, according to College officials. And while more cuts to the state budget might be on the horizon, they say the positions are secure.

A window of opportunity

A burglary last month revealed that the window screen alarm systems in Townhouses were not functional. But College officials say the alarms will probably not be back online until Winter Break. In late August, Access Control, with oversight from the Card Services Task Force and a steering committee, completed an upgrade to the College's Blackboard system, which controls all dining hall registers, door swipes and security systems on campus.

College faculty reach new deal on contract

New Jersey chapters of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) voted to ratify a new four-year contract last week. The union represents over 7,000 faculty and staff members at public colleges and universities across the state including faculty and staff at the College.

Campus Police pepper spray resisting student

Using pepper spray to subdue him, Campus Police arrested a College student on Sunday, Sept. 2, after he allegedly hit an officer in the head with his elbow and resisted arrest. A Campus Police officer encountered Jonathan Waltz, sophomore open options science major, staggering in a drunken state near Parking Lot 17 at about 4 a.

Big bad nor’easter huffs, puffs but College stands

With a little luck and the fast work of employees in Grounds and Landscaping, the College was able to avoid large-scale flooding on campus during last week's nor'easter. The storm, which forced acting Gov. Richard J. Codey to declare a state of emergency in New Jersey, dumped five inches of rain on Ewing and caused flood damage to hundreds of homes in the region.

Crayons color Darfur conflict

The glazed-over faces of survivors of the conflict in Sudan haunted Saturday's "Darfur: Advocacy and Education" presentation in Forcina Hall. The vacant, far-away eyes could be seen again and again in slides shown by Jerry Ehrlich, a 72-year-old pediatrician from Cherry Hill who traveled to Darfur as part of Doctors Without Borders.

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