Monday, June 14, 2021

Will Dean

College supports racism more than art

Putting a monetary value on something like art is impossible, yet works of art are bought and sold every day. It is also impossible to say how much a concept like racism costs in monetary terms. However, our school has found a way to quantify both art and racism in economic terms, and the numbers might surprise you.

Border control act restricts immigrants’ rights

Illegal immigration sounds frightening, right? Does it conjure up images of tattered masses of desperately poor people going after your rewarding and high-paying janitorial careers? It's illegal after all. In a time when everyone seems afraid and our occupation of Iraq grinds past its third anniversary, it's interesting to look at how our government sees foreign people living in this country.

That’s just how it works

Last Thursday, the Senate proved just how scared it was to take a stand against the president's dangerous expansion of police powers by renewing the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT) Act 89-10.

The rags-to-riches story of a legend

Dear reader, I hope you will permit an old man a chance to talk for a moment. I recently celebrated my 150th birthday - quite a feat I think, and I feel that it is a time to reflect on my life. Who am I to talk? you might ask. Well let me tell you about myself.

He thought he was doing the right thing

Mark Wallace was raised by nice Christian parents who taught him what they thought was right and wrong. For the most part, other people in the world agreed with the generalities of what Mark's parents thought, like killing is bad and charity is good. Mark's father had served in the Army and so had his grandfather.

Animal-human hybrids infiltrate White House

Dick Cheney looks like an evil turtle. I mention this not to make fun of old Dick (OK, that's a lie) but for two important reasons. First, his reptilian visage offered me something to laugh at during the president's alternately boring and distressing State of the Union address.

Question everything, fear nothing but ignorance

As the looming obstacle of finals approaches, so does the eventual date when the College's campus will shut down for Winter Break. Our community will break apart, and most students will go home to the four corners of the world, though mostly in New Jersey.

Plan B: The contraceptive only Satan could support

If you're like me then you spend most of your time sitting around, thinking how everything other people do is completely wrong. You do this because you know that you are absolutely right. Everything other people do falls under this judgemental gaze, especially when it comes to sex.

Education crisis? Kill off those unmotivated children

Many have said there is an education crisis in this country. If you look around at our educational institutions with an appraising eye, this is the only possible conclusion. Our children are stupid and are in danger of becoming stupider. According to the 2005 National Assessment of Educational Progress report, this trend toward stupidity apparently comes about as children get older.

Florida law lets you “stand your ground” with guns

Do you like to shoot people? Then perhaps you'll feel at home in Florida, where a new law (Bill S.0436) allows citizens to use deadly force in public if they have a license for a concealed weapon and feel threatened. The new "stand your ground" law, which went into effect Oct.

Intelligent design – minus the intelligence

Science is presently defending its life in Pennsylvania and if it loses, everyone in America will lose too. Monday, Sept. 26 in Dover, Pa., one of the trials that is sure to have a wide-reaching impact in the 21st century began. The trial of Kitzmiller v.

Limited government not sufficient

The cost of Katrina has reached at least $200 billion, and one of the biggest questions in Washington is how our government is going to pay for it. It's not yet known how many lives were lost in New Orleans and Mississippi - not that the loss can be measured in dollars anyway.

Millennium Development Goals should be top priority

Everyone wants a better world. And right now there is a chance to actually make it happen. The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) were proposed in 2000 by the United Nations to provide a plan for the wealthy nations in the world to finally live up to their responsibility and help fix the many imminent crises in the world today.

Hurrican magnifies relation between race and wealth

Everyone likes to think that America is a nation of equality and compassion, but the news this past week shows that what really matters in America is where you live and what color you are. According to census data released a few days ago the poverty rate in America rose again last year up to 12.

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