Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg unexpectedly dies, setting up fierce Supreme Court battle

Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on September 18 of complications from Metastatic pancreatic cancer. The vacancy on the supreme court opens a fierce debate on filling the seat more than a month before the presidential election.

Assange reportedly offered deal to name source of leaks in exchange for presidential pardon

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was reportedly offered a pardon deal by Trump's administration in exchange for naming the source of the DNC leaks back in 2016.

NJ Covid-19 cases increase, rate of transmission rises

New Jersey is beginning to see an increase in coronavirus cases as the fall nears, sparking fears of a potential "second wave" around the corner.

Bob Woodward releases tapes suggesting Trump downplayed virus

Longtime Journalist Bob Woodward has released tapes that appear to capture President Trump trying to mitigate "panic" over the virus.

United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Israel sign historic peace deal

The UAE, Bahrain, and Israel have signed a historic peace deal with Trump suggesting other nations may follow.

Covid-19 vaccine developers pledge safety and efficacy amid political pressure

Several Major Pharmaceutical companies have signed a pledge to ensure a vaccine against the Coronavirus is safe and effective.

New Jersey opens up indoor dining, movie theaters for the first time in six months

Governor Murphy announced earlier this month the reopening of Movie Theaters and limited indoor dining, while also warning businesses to follow the guidelines set by the state.

Trump writes memo requesting an investigation to potentially defund U.S. cities

President Trump has ordered an inquiry into potentially defunding major metropolitan cities amid a rise in violence and cuts to police budgets.

Department of Justice asks New Jersey, three other states for nursing home data for inquiry

The Department of Justice is looking for data from four states regarding policies pertaining to Nursing homes taking coronavirus patients, alleging that the policies may have been responsible for massive outbreaks.

‘Only six percent:’ social media trend misinterprets new CDC death data

A new revision in the CDC's death totals, suggesting only six percent of recorded fatalities died from COVID alone,has sparked controversy on the actual death count of the Pandemic.

Republicans and democrats wrap up virtual conventions

The Republican and Democratic National Conventions wrapped up their virtual conventions as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to reshape the presidential race.

From local governments to nationwide protests, police reform is continuing to gain momentum

In response to the protests since the death of George Floyd, local, state and national governments have started to pay attention. Activists are meeting lawmakers to discuss ways for sustainable reform.

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