Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Tag: campus concerns

Abortion should not be used to catalyze discussion

Abortion should not be used simply as a tool to promote dialogue for the sake of what can only be described as the College’s tokenizing of a woman-centered issue. This is especially true at a college like our own that consistently cites “student safety” concerns when implementing policy after policy.

Construction does not address existing campus issues

“Is it just me, or is TCNJ under constant construction?” a girl asks her friend as she maneuvers around caution tape on the sidewalk. I happened to overhear this keen observation on my way to class last week, but almost every student at the College has either made a statement similar to this, or has heard one like it.

Classic Signals: Students voice concerns on campus

Within the last year, students have voiced their concerns to College President R. Barbara Gitenstein.

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