Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Suspect in Colorado shooting surrenders

Suspect Robert L. Dear of the Colorado shootings surrenders.

College remains undefeated on the year

By Connor Smith Staff Writer The Lions continued their hot start on Wednesday, Nov. 19, with a 34-12 victory over King’s College and followed it up...

TMT casts a ‘spell’ on packed audience

By Kelly Vena Staff Writer The Don Evans Black Box Theater was filled to its capacity during the Tuesday, Nov. 17, through Saturday, Nov. 21, performances...

‘Hunger Banquet’ simulates social inequality

By Jessica Ganga Features Editor Food is hard to come by. Constant hunger is a struggle for people in the lower class and is therefore commonly...

College unites in push for peace

While the world has recently been stricken with tragedy — from the attacks in Paris and Lebanon, to the protests at the University of Missouri and unrest at other colleges across the nation — the College hopes to start a push for peace. To do so, the College is focusing on starting conversations many feel “uncomfortable” talking about — primarily race and religion.

Being PC: necessary for a diverse society

American citizens have engaged in a heated civil war over speech. The divide between the two sides continues to widen as they argue over being politically correct (PC).

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