Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Public health expert discusses medical geography in Brown Bag

International medical geography and public health expert Amy Blatt presented her lecture, “Geomedicine: How Locations Affect Your Health,” as part of the College’s weekly Brown Bag Series on Friday, Feb. 23 in the Library Auditorium.

Kendall Main Stage nominated for award

The College’s Kendall Main Stage Theater was nominated on Jan. 8 for’s 2018 People’s Choice Award in the “Small Performing Arts Center” category, according to the College’s School of Arts and Communications newsletter.

Student comedy troupes amuse audience

Over the years, the group has since developed a knack for sensing what makes people laugh. “The formula for silly: keep it short, fun and don’t let them get bored,” they said.

Blunt steps outside his comfort zone on ‘The Afterlove’

Blunt steps out of his comfort zone in an attempt to serenade us with a more bubble-gum pop sound that, while not perfectly suitable for his voice, does let you explore a side to Blunt you’d never think you’d see.

Accomplished composer memorialized in heartfelt concert

By Elizabeth Zakaim Reviews Editor To many, he was a composer and arranger, and to others, a teacher or mentor. Those most close to him thought...

Students shine in CUB Alt Soloist Night

The performers were grateful to CUB Alt and the audience for the chance to showcase their creativity. “The night went better than I could have hoped,” Lundy said. “I was in the company of friends doing what I love and having a great time. I'm very thankful for the opportunity to share my music.”

Students showcase creative compositions in ‘The Lion’s Eye’

For me, this issue of Lion’s Eye is one dipped in both nostalgia and creativity. The stunning photography makes me yearn for the longer days of summer and sunsets on the beach.

Rebuilding continues in New Orleans

By Elizabeth Zakaim Signal Contributor Junior psychology major Megan Vantslot spent part of her winter break cleaning bullets and heroin needles out of a bathtub in...

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