Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Despite the raging pandemic, College freshmen are finding both academic and social comfort

On Aug. 3, students of all classes woke up to yet another day in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. However, this was no ordinary day, as when students went on their daily email check, they received a shocking surprise.

‘Zoom University:’ A look into the Class of 2024

As a result of the global pandemic, freshmen are experiencing college in an unconventional way — in their childhood bedrooms. After a remote welcome to the College, freshmen have begun adapting to a new normal.

Choosing colleges during a worldwide pandemic: A look at the Class of 2024

When Julie Weinstein first set foot on the College’s campus as a prospective student, an overcast of chilling rain loomed in the distance. It was the beginning of her junior year of high school, otherwise known as the time to start cycling through options for higher education.

Incoming freshmen receive backlash over petition calling for sports, activities in fall

Incoming freshmen are rallying around a petition advocating for the College’s sports team to resume in the fall semester. This came after President Foster’s announcement that all extracurricular activities will be canceled for the upcoming semester due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Annual involvement fair attracts students

The Brower Student Center hosted the College’s annual Student Involvement Fair on Aug. 28. For three hours, new and returning students alike gained more insight on the clubs, organizations and activities the College offers.

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