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‘Deadly Illusions’ drags, fails to live up to its potential

his movie was so many things, and I’m not particularly convinced it did any of them well. It was full of tropes, predictability and was bogged down by its own writing and artistic decisions.

‘Yes Day’ is a sweet, silly reminder of the importance of family

Nothing helps someone master the “no” like becoming a parent, and having three kids makes Allison and Carlos Torres less than enthusiastic about new things. Together, the family must learn to have fun again by having a “Yes Day,” in which the parents say yes to almost everything their kids ask for twenty-four hours. 

‘Judas and the Black Messiah’: a startling look at the life and death of a Black Panther

There are many words one could use to describe director Shaka King’s new film “Judas and the Black Messiah” — amazing, remarkable, spectacular. Basically, you could look in a thesaurus and look under the word “excellent,” to be able to justifiably apply any of its synonyms to “Judas and the Black Messiah.” The movie is that good.

‘Malcolm & Marie’: how art meets life

“Malcolm & Marie” follows a couple’s intimate relationship as truths arise, insecurities become clear, and art’s relationship with life is debated. 

‘Finding Ohana’ reminds us of the importance of family

As many have discovered in the past year, family is tough, but family is important. “Finding Ohana” shows us the adventurous journey of a family with clashing dynamics. 

‘The Little Things:’ leaves big questions unanswered

Even before starting “The Little Things,” I had great expectations. With a star-studded cast and famed director John Lee Hancock, the film held promise. Unfortunately, the promise that “The Little Things” held was just not delivered on. 

‘Penguin Bloom:’ the power of healing together

If we have learned anything from the events of the past year, it’s that we are never truly sure of what tomorrow will bring. Based on the Australian novel by Cameron Bloom and Bradley Trevor Greive, “Penguin Bloom” follows the Bloom family and the aftermath of the unexpected.

Four movies you may have missed in 2020

2020 was a weird year for movies. With thousands of theaters still closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, audience attendance rates were lower than they’ve been in years. Additionally, with many of the year’s new movies being released directly to streaming platforms or video-on-demand services, the number of films that saw widespread theatrical releases were extremely limited.

What we’re watching on Netflix: “Over the Moon”

“Over the Moon,” is a new Sony animation film released on Netflix on Oct. 16. The film is directed by Glen Keane and John Kahrs, and provides a very colorful adventure into Chinese culture. The film follows Fei Fei (voiced by Cathy Ang) and her imagination as she works to prove the existence of the moon goddess Chang’e (voiced by Phillipa Soo).

‘Jingle Jangle’ into the holiday spirit with new Netflix original

“Jingle Jangle” is a lighthearted movie designed around one idea: to get something to work, all you need to do is believe. The movie is a Netflix film, features a diverse cast and is a great holiday movie to lift your spirits after a long day of classes. 

‘Hubie Halloween:’ the least terrifying horror movie for this year’s holiday

“Hubie Halloween” is more of a comedy than a horror movie. However, the main character does get scared a lot. This movie is great to watch to give a little humor to a long day. It was released this Oct. 7 and can be found on Netflix.

What We’re Watching on Netflix: ‘Always Be My Maybe’

“Always Be My Maybe” is a heartwarming film full of romantic drama focusing on the long and complex relationship between Marcus (Randall Park) and Sasha (Ali Wong).

‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ completes successful mission

We first meet Audrey (Mila Kunis), a sarcastic but somewhat diffident cashier still agonizing over her ex-boyfriend Drew ( Justin Theroux), who dumped her over a text message after they dated for a year. Kate McKinnon plays Morgan, Audrey’s theatrical and quirky best friend who tries to cheer her up, and whose general character carries most of the comedy behind the film.

‘Gerald’s Game’ gives viewers a thrill

Horror has held humanity entrapped since the dawn of time — perhaps because there really are monsters that go bump in the night.

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