Sunday, May 16, 2021
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What we’re watching on Netflix: “Over the Moon”

“Over the Moon,” is a new Sony animation film released on Netflix on Oct. 16. The film is directed by Glen Keane and John Kahrs, and provides a very colorful adventure into Chinese culture. The film follows Fei Fei (voiced by Cathy Ang) and her imagination as she works to prove the existence of the moon goddess Chang’e (voiced by Phillipa Soo).

What we’re watching on Netflix: ‘American Vandal’

“American Vandal” nostalgically epitomizes modern American high school, backing painfully familiar memories to college students. As a Netflix crime mockumentary, the two seasons follow high school students in pursuit of a different “vandal,” venturing deep into high school drama and uncovering seriously funny scandals. 

What We’re Watching on Netflix: ‘Always Be My Maybe’

“Always Be My Maybe” is a heartwarming film full of romantic drama focusing on the long and complex relationship between Marcus (Randall Park) and Sasha (Ali Wong).

‘The End of the F***ing World’ returns to Netflix

Fans of the hit Netflix UK original series, “The End of the F***ing World,” were finally able to get their fix when the second season dropped on Nov. 5 after a highly anticipated two-year wait.

‘The Politician’ fails to win over viewers

Netflix’s new comedy-drama “The Politician” debuted on Sept. 27, and has since generated buzz across social media platforms.

‘Élite’ joins list of high-quality Netflix dramas

It is Netflix’s second original Spanish series, and it puts a European twist on shows like “Gossip Girl” and “13 Reasons Why.”

‘Atypical’ airs second season on Netflix

Season two of the show introduces major life-changing incidents for Sam, who is still coping with being autistic.

Satisfied viewers live ‘Nappily Ever After’

It sparks a myriad of conversations around issues such as the ideologies of race, gender conventions, self-love and, most importantly, hair.

Netflix series enchants fantasy lovers

The rebellious Princess Bean and her two best friends, an elf named Elfo and Luci, her personal demon, partake in all sorts of adventures

‘BoJack’ reins in viewers for season five

In 12 new episodes, “BoJack” provides stellar commentary on entertainment culture, substance abuse, #MeToo and more

King inspires another haunting film

Guilt is often depicted as nature’s way of punishment when one does something wrong.

Young vandal tries to prove his innocence

Netflix has never been afraid to take risks when it comes to producing original content.

‘Gerald’s Game’ gives viewers a thrill

Horror has held humanity entrapped since the dawn of time — perhaps because there really are monsters that go bump in the night.

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