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Recharge Week: 83% of polled students still given work, plus added confusion

Intending to remedy this issue while also discouraging travel during the pandemic, President Foster announced in an email that a “Recharge Week” would take place from March 29 to April 2. She described it as a “more relaxed week [that] is intended to relieve the stresses of a long semester,” alongside another Spring Day Off on Tuesday, March 30. 

Off-campus students to expect a knock at the door from President Foster

Senior Grace Postiglione did not expect to greet College President Kathryn Foster at her front door on Thursday, March 4, but accepted it as part of an unexpected semester.

OPINION: President Foster’s email creates a sense of optimism within the campus community

On March 12th, President Foster’s follow-up email regarding Covid cases on campus brought a hopeful message to students. After over a year in lockdown, many students have begun to feel trapped with a routine that involves sitting in front of a computer screen for the majority of the day.

OPINION: Foster’s email has truth to it

I will admit when I first read President Foster’s email about the number of Covid cases rising on campus, I missed the sentence where she says the students are to blame for not following protocols.

60 years of service: Peace Corps panel features President Foster, other returned volunteers from the College

Peace Corps regional recruiter Sarah Price was joined by President Kathryn Foster, professor Donald Hirsch of the chemistry department and College alumna Jasmine Miller in a panel event on Wednesday, March 3 to celebrate 60 years of service with the Peace Corps. 

OPINION: President Foster’s email ignores real cause of Covid-19 spike, will result in more harm than good

President Foster’s email early on Feb. 28 regarding the number of positive student cases over the past ten days was astounding to say the least.

An interview with President Foster: off-campus partying, student expectations

By Lara BeckerEditor-in-Chief In September, The Signal was made aware of several police reports linking College students to off-campus partying. In the same month, there...

An interview with President Foster: fall semester versus spring preparedness

“I think that what I constantly think about is a balance, it’s a balancing act,” Foster said. “We’re living in a world of trade-offs right now. So you could say alright, what we did in the Fall essentially, say we’re not going back, we’re not giving choice to students or faculty this semester, and we could do that. But what we also know is that the cost of doing that will be on students, mental health in terms of desperate to come back, yearning to be here, in particular, difficult circumstances at home that would make the cost of being off-campus even greater than the risk of being on-campus."

Spring ‘Flex’ update: how are students feeling?

As the virtual fall semester comes to a close, students are left wondering what the future holds for them on the College campus. A start to the Spring Flex plan was outlined in October, but an email from President Foster yesterday aimed to clarify outstanding questions.

Foster addresses student concerns about remote-only semester in virtual Town Hall meeting

After months of back-and-forth movement on decisions regarding the fall semester, a definitive announcement came on Aug. 3 reverting from a hybrid structure to online-only instruction, leaving many students with unanswered questions. President Kathryn Foster and other administrators addressed these students and families in virtual town hall meetings on Aug. 5 and Aug. 6 that live-streamed to over 400 students and their families.

College joins in nationwide fight against ICE mandate — Trump administration backs down

The federal government announced on July 6 a new mandate for temporary international students, where nonimmigrant students must take in-person courses to remain in the United States, according to the ICE website. But after a nationwide uproar from colleges — of which students and administration from the College participated in — the Trump Administration revoked its previous mandate.

President Foster addresses faculty members’ furlough concerns

The College’s American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union members wrote a letter to President Kathryn Foster, highlighting both financial and professional concerns with dividing furlough dates, as announced in her most recent community-missive on July 2. The union requested Foster to consider consolidating the two mandated five-day furlough periods in the month of July for all faculty members rather than a select few, thus allowing 12-month professional staff members access to CARES funding.

Students’ health matters most: College must remain online-only for fall

At the crux of this question of whether or not to reopen in the fall is a simple and extremely straightforward fact: nothing has changed since this virus first broke out.

Happy with Foster’s decision? Students are divided

By Kalli ColacinoFeatures Editor After months of uncertainty, President Foster announced on Friday that the College is tentatively reopening for the fall 2020 semester with...

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