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Vital Signs: Mind your mental health

The week of Oct. 7 to Oct. 13 marked the 28th annual Mental Health Awareness Week. Critical for a person’s overall health and well-being, mental health refers to conditions that affect a person’s thinking, feeling or mood.

Students face food insecurity

Facing years of student loans and employment insecurity ahead of them, many college students are already struggling to put food on the table.

Vital Signs: Balance work and fun

After a long and stressful day at work, your boss says he needs you to do a few more things before you leave. You realize that you are going to have to stay past the end of your shift to get the extra work done.

Wellness Expo provides day of stress relief

Students spent a rainy afternoon celebrating healthy lifestyle choices at the THRIVE: Wellness Expo on Wednesday, April 4 in the Student Recreation Center.

Classic Signals: Debt

College tuition and other fees often increase annually, making the burden of accumulating debt heavier for students and their families.

Snow days break up midterms week

Midterms are always a dreaded part of the semester, filling college students with stress, confusion and anxiety.

Classic Signals: Stress takes toll on student health

For college students, stress comes in many forms — from pressure to earn good grades, struggling to manage time or even finding time to socialize.

Healthy homework habits are essential to success

Much to the chagrin of my peers, I don’t do any homework after 8 p.m.

Animal therapy inspires professor

Jean Kirnan, a professor at the College specializing in industrial and organizational psychology, addressed a small audience on Wednesday, Feb. 7 in the Social Sciences Building on animal-assisted interventions, and how they can help us understand occupational psychology.

Students should learn to appreciate the present

As the semester progresses, work accumulates, exams commence, and stress begins to consume me. As soon as the workload of the semester piles up and challenges approach, it can be easy to look forward to the end of the semester. Eyes gazed into the distance, it can feel natural to go on autopilot as I look forward to the future, and the present flies by.

Keeping a journal helps students de-stress

Keeping a journal relieves stress. Unlike class assignments, which have a set prompt, a fixed word count and an ever-impending due date, journaling is completely open-ended.

Students should not let stress become overwhelming

Everyone is always under stress. Stress is a part of growing up and being an adult. I’ve been in denial about graduating in December, but this period of feeling “sorry” for myself truly opened up my eyes to what’s really important in life.

Six simple ways to eliminate exam anxiety

As I was struggling with the impending thought of failure, I realized that the worst feeling was yet to come — the feeling that after studying for hours on end, I wouldn’t remember anything when the time came to take the exam.

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