Friday, May 7, 2021
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Making the working world a better place: Women in Business provide student opportunities

Women’s rights is an ongoing topic that has sparked countless movements and figureheads. The fight for gender equality has encompassed voting rights, domestic violence and workplace rights. Workplace rights are an ongoing issue, with women still making 78 cents for every dollar earned by men. At the College, students can become more aware of these issues through the Women in Business (WIB) club.

Women in Learning, Leadership — and without limitations

As College experiences remain mostly remote, Diamond Urey’s freshman year was nothing like she expected. Involved in various extracurricular activities since high school, she found a new community where students inspired each other, filling the freshman history student with warmth that could break through any virtual walls.

Tennis hopes to keep streak alive

Maintaining national ranking just doesn’t seem to be enough for the men’s and women’s tennis teams as they go into the season with high hopes for the future.

Leadership summit boosts female empowerment

“Empowered women empower women” — this popular statement holds much truth in society, while also summarizing the purpose behind the College’s first annual Women’s Student Leadership Summit, held on April 17 in the Education Building Room 212.

Lions ride four-game winning streak

With less than two weeks remaining in the regular season, the women’s basketball team knows that a New Jersey Athletic Conference loss has significant postseason implications.

Women’s basketball comes out on top over break

In the midst of winter break, the women’s basketball team ventured into the heart of its schedule, yielding a 7-5 record since Dec. 5 and ultimately bringing the team to an 11-8 overall record for the season.

Cross country teams prosper in Bill Fritz Invitational

After a week off following the Blue and Gold Alumni Invitational on Sept. 1, the Lions were back in action, participating in the Bill Fritz Invitational at Rowan University on Saturday, Sept. 15.

Influential women in gaming share industry insights

Students took a trip through the eyes of three influential women in the gaming industry at the Pioneering Play: Women in Game Development and Design lecture in Roscoe West Hall Room 201 on Thursday, April 19.

More women belong in the workplace

In light of recent sexual assault allegations against many prominent male businessmen like Harvey Weinstein, women are more frequently speaking up against gendered injustice. While men continue to make up the majority of employees in leadership roles in industries like finance and technology, women are making big leaps to change the system that has left them disadvantaged.

Don’t let Hollywood moguls abuse power

Female artists and entertainers deserve to be afforded the same respect as men when building their careers. Prominent men in the entertainment industry, such as Harvey Weinstein, tear this right away from women.

Women shouldn’t shy away from body hair

Hair. We all have it. It grows almost everywhere on our bodies and yet we are constantly trying to tame it or control it in some way. Biologically, head and body hair serves many purposes, from protection against the elements to thermal regulation.

Women perform unfiltered monologues

“That’s it. I can’t take this. My vagina is angry!” A student rose from the crowd in Mayo Concert Hall, taking the audience by surprise. Molly Knapp, a sophomore women’s, gender and sexuality studies major, walked onto the stage, still visibly upset, saying, “My vagina is not going away. It’s pissed off, and it’s right here,” beginning her monologue, “Angry Vagina.”

College buses students and faculty to DC for women’s march

Nearly half a million people marched through the streets of our nation’s capital on Jan. 21 to protest President Donald Trump. The women’s march in Washington D.C. had one of the most impressive turnouts in recent history, and the College was not without representation.

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