Monday, June 21, 2021
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Studying abroad enhances student experience

The opportunity to study and live in another country is unlikely to occur again once you graduate from the College — that’s why every students should absolutely find the time to study abroad during their four years here.

Breaks from social media strengthen relationships

On a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, I sat outside of Traditions at a table with friends. The sun was out and the birds were chirping, but I suddenly realized I couldn’t hear any other sounds when I looked up in the middle of stalking my cousin’s boyfriend’s friend’s sister on Instagram. I became glaringly aware that each person around the table was also on their phone.

Tide pod challenge brainwashes teens

My parents always tell me our generation is in trouble, and this time they may be right. The consumption of Tide pods has taken over our social media feeds, and I can’t believe it.

YouTube star misrepresents US in disrespectful vlog

YouTube star Logan Paul has recently been receiving heavy backlash due to a series of video blogs from his trip to Japan. In one of such videos, he entered the forest known as the Sea of Trees, a place infamous as a common site of suicide attempts, and filmed a hanging suicide victim who he found in the woods.

Donald Glover an underappreciated Renaissance man

When people think of some of the biggest talents in Hollywood, they often don’t think of Donald Glover. In the entertainment industry today, he’s one of the best creative forces across film, television and music, and should be recognized for his career’s ascension.

Comcast’s speed tests differ from

I challenge all who read this article and have Comcast, or any other internet service provider for that matter, to test your speeds using, or any other prominent speed checking website, and then compare directly to Netflix’s Your speeds will most likely be lower, just like mine.

People should confront their fears

Two years ago, I decided to face my fear. I charged into the waves, and ducked my head underneath the water. At first, I felt a pang of anxiety, but when my head popped back up, breaking through the surface, I felt like I could finally breathe again.

Students can choose to say ‘no’ to bullying

When I look in the mirror, I see the child who was bullied into thinking that she would never be good enough. I also see the adult who says that I should not let others define me, and that I am more than enough.

Don’t let Hollywood moguls abuse power

Female artists and entertainers deserve to be afforded the same respect as men when building their careers. Prominent men in the entertainment industry, such as Harvey Weinstein, tear this right away from women.

Student doubts Nobel Prize selection process

I naturally assumed that if one wins the Nobel Prize in Literature, there must be a reason. I thought to myself that Ishiguro’s work could surely remind me of what good writing is because only good writing could win a Nobel Peace Prize.

Sports world reacts to president’s comments

There has always been a small bridge between sports and politics.

Students are increasingly distracted by technology

While technological advances have created a faster and more efficient way for students to connect with their professors and access study materials, are these new tools essential to our education?

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