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Students are increasingly distracted by technology

By Kristen Frohlich

In a modern day classroom setting, it’s evident that technology has strongly influenced the way students learn. Students are encouraged to use devices such as laptops and cellphones to help further their studies. While technological advances have created a faster and more efficient way for students to connect with their professors and access study materials, are these new tools essential to our education?

Whenever I’m in class, it’s safe to say that most of the students have laptops on their desks that appear to be there for the use of taking notes. Still, more than half of the them seem like they’re not paying attention to what’s going on in class. Students using their laptops during classroom lectures can be spotted playing computer games, shopping online, browsing through social media, working on assignments for other classes or doing various other activities not relevant to the class.

girl using her cell phone (envato elements).

While typing notes on a computer is easier than writing them by hand, overall, allowing the use of laptops in a classroom negatively affects students by making it easier for them to get distracted. As the semester progresses, most students will begin to stop focusing in class, regardless of the presence of laptops. Therefore, adding laptops to the equation makes it much more challenging for students to stay focused in class.

Laptops aren’t the only technological devices that keep students from focusing during class. Nowadays, many students have a cell phone in their pocket. Even though most professors tell students they are not allowed to use them during class time, students still manage to find a way to slyly check their text messages and find out who liked their latest Instagram post.

I’m not saying that professors should impose stricter rules on students who use technological devices during class time. I’m simply acknowledging a major problem in modern society: technology. It’s scary to think that most of us cannot function in a classroom environment without having to look at our phones at least once during a lecture.

The way students misuse technology is a major issue that is also seen outside of the classroom. Across campus, students can be seen walking with their heads facing down and looking into their phones rather than communicating with the individuals around them. The sad truth is students have become victims to technology.

Although it may appear that the problem students have with technology will become worse as technology advances, there is a way out of this growing trend.

I challenge you to look up. Look up from your phone and start conversation with the person next to you. Handwrite your notes during class instead of typing them. Spend time outside throwing a football around with your roommate instead of watching Netflix in your bed. If you show initiative to be more personable, technology will not be able to control your life.

Students share opinions around campus

“Do students abuse technology in the classroom?”

Frankie Ochman, a freshman open options business major.

“Maybe a little bit. There are positives. Students can take notes quicker.”

Britani Raynor, a junior communication studies major.

“It depends what kind of class, but yeah, lectures are boring.”


  1. It all depends upon the students how they make use of the digital technology for their betterment or to just make fun of it…

  2. it is necessary to have technologies in place to fix all academic activities don as it efficient,, fast and reliable.


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