Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Clare McGreevy

Vandalism of abortion display detrimental to discourse

The debate over abortion rights is arguably one of the biggest dividing conflicts facing our country today. Unfortunately, the College’s campus community is evidently not immune to the drama surrounding the pro-life versus prochoice binary.

Women’s rugby accomplishes undefeated season

The women’s rugby team may be a lesser known club sports organization on campus, but, through the success of an undefeated official season this fall, the 27 tough-as-nails women of the College’s rugby team are beginning to make waves in the collegiate club rugby community.

Liberal campuses stifle open discourse

Your college years should be a time to learn and grow in all areas of your life. This is made possible in large part through the free and open conversation that the campus and classroom environments are meant to foster.

Freshmen should get involved on campus

Moving away from home and beginning a new life at the College can seem like one of the loneliest and most uncomfortable times in a person’s life. For most, the transition into college life is an exhilarating step into adulthood, but many new students still experience feelings of confusion and distress that can sometimes be overwhelming.

Students should not take their education for granted

“Enjoy your college years – they only last so long.”

Breaks from social media strengthen relationships

On a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, I sat outside of Traditions at a table with friends. The sun was out and the birds were chirping, but I suddenly realized I couldn’t hear any other sounds when I looked up in the middle of stalking my cousin’s boyfriend’s friend’s sister on Instagram. I became glaringly aware that each person around the table was also on their phone.

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