Sunday, April 18, 2021

Mia Ingui

College welcomes record breaking freshman class

At 1,577 students, the College is now housing, educating and shaping the lives of its largest freshman class to date. Last year’s freshman class capped off at 1,473 students, according to the College’s website.

A cappella groups showcase talent in concert

Four a cappella groups rocked Mayo Concert Hall on Monday, Aug. 28, at the annual, “Fellas, Bellas and A Cappella” concert, which brought Welcome Week 2017 to a close.

Students should look forward to the coming semester

When the going gets tough at the College, it's difficult to be thankful for any of the stress and aggravation you may be going through. But keep in mind that being a part of this campus community is such a blessing that will truly shape who you are.

All College Theatre performs one act plays

All College Theatre presented An Evening of One Act Shorts from April 21 to April 22 in the Kendall Black Box Theater. The show consisted of five short plays of several genres, including drama, comedy and murder mystery. One Acts provided an opportunity for the young writers and directors of ACT and TCNJ Musical Theatre to show off their skills, with two of the shows written by students at the College and all of the shows directed by students.

Kesha’s ‘True Colors’ shine in concert

Kesha’s Fuck the World Tour landed at the College on the night of Friday, April 7, evoking nostalgia and empowerment from the College’s students. Since Kesha first released her album “Animal” in 2010, most students at the College grew up listening to her music, so they were excited to revisit some of their favorite throwbacks like “Tik Tok” and “Your Love is my Drug.”

Students should get involved on campus

At first glance, our campus does not seem like the most exciting place to live.

Students share opinions around campus

"Does Netflix interfere with your social life?” "No. If anything, it enables it, because we can have movie nights and use Netflix to make that happen." "I'd...

Travers and Wolfe to be renovated, demolition too expensive

After two years of debate, an open forum for students and faculty last October and strong opinions from the College community, the Business and Infrastructure Committee of the board of trustees decided on Feb. 15 to renovate Travers and Wolfe halls rather than demolish and rebuild them, as previously discussed in the open forum.

Students share opinions around campus

“Is housing important to your college experience?” "Yes, it is." "I feel like it is, but mainly freshman year.” “Should students support Planned Parenthood?” “It is definitely an...

Students share opinions around campus

“How do you feel about campus dining options?” “They’re okay, but there could be more variety.” “Let’s just say that I feel sick no matter where...

Campus dining options need improvement

No matter what dining option I choose — out of the few places to eat at the College — I am always unsatisfied with my meal. Worse than that, I’m always still hungry. If there is one complaint I have about the College, it is that the dining options need improvement, and fast.

Students share opinions around campus

“Are you excited for spring?” “Yes, it’s nice to see how alive the campus has been. I like colder weather, though, to be honest.” “Yeah, I...

Women perform unfiltered monologues

“That’s it. I can’t take this. My vagina is angry!” A student rose from the crowd in Mayo Concert Hall, taking the audience by surprise. Molly Knapp, a sophomore women’s, gender and sexuality studies major, walked onto the stage, still visibly upset, saying, “My vagina is not going away. It’s pissed off, and it’s right here,” beginning her monologue, “Angry Vagina.”

Students share opinions around campus

“Did you catch the TCNJ plague?” "I hope not." “No, but I’m the kind of person to have the plague and still go to class.” “Would you...

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