Friday, February 26, 2021
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Students share opinions around campus

“Are you excited for spring?”

Tyler Law, a sophomore communications major. (Mia Ingui / Opinions Editor)

“Yes, it’s nice to see how alive the campus has been. I like colder weather, though, to be honest.”

Carrie Carpenito, a sophomore graphic
design major. (Mia Ingui / Opinions Editor)

“Yeah, I love warm weather. It’s lit.”

How do you feel about the housing selection process?”

Joey Baldofsky, a sophomore history and secondary education dual major. (Mia Ingui / Opinions Editor)

“I think it makes sense, but I think it does need to be improved.”

Derek Falci, a freshman marketing major. (Mia Ingui / Opinions Editor)

“It’s definitely very stressful with a lot of moving parts.”


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