December 5, 2020

Students share opinions around campus

“Is housing important to your college experience?”

Lindsey Davidson, a freshman open options humanities and social sciences major. (Mia Ingui / Opinions Editor)

“Yes, it is.”

Lindsey Abramson, a junior computer
science major. (Mia Ingui / Options Editor)

“I feel like it is, but mainly freshman year.”

Should students support Planned Parenthood?”

Jasmine Mahajan, a freshman biology major. (Mia Ingui / Opinions Editor)

“It is definitely an individual choice, but we should support it.
It allows young women to control their bodies.”

Nivetha Srinivasan, a freshman biology major. (Mia Ingui / Opinions Editor)

“I think we should. It provides a way of birth control, which has many other uses.”

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