Monday, August 2, 2021
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Letter from the Editor: We are in this together

To the campus community,

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, many students from the College have taken to social media to stand in solidarity with those facing discrimination and violence. Other students have faced mounting prejudice themselves. As a news organization reporting information of our campus community, our goal and responsibility is to reflect the emotions, experiences and struggles our community faces. We would like to hear from you. To those who would like to speak up and share their sentiments, we encourage you to write an op-ed piece and send it to While The Signal is a place to find reliable information regarding the College, it is also a place to both listen and be heard — a place we intend to provide for our campus community during this time. So feel free to join in on the conversation and let your voice be heard. We are ready to listen.

Camille Furst


  1. Why not stand in solidarity with all the business owners who have lost their businesses due to the unjust and unlawful rioting? Oh no… that’s not virtue signaling. What hypocrites!


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