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Unvaccinated students without exemption to be deregistered from classes, College says

The College has told students that failure to upload proof of Covid-19 vaccination without an approved exemption by Aug. 9 will result in being deregistered from classes, according to an email sent to students who haven't submitted their vaccination record or been officially exempt. 

OPINION: Biden’s first 100 days: the good, the bad and the ugly

April 30 marked 100 days since President Biden was sworn in, and I think it’s fair to reflect on what he has done thus far. Before I give my perspective, it is only fair that I explain what my perspective is. I am a believer in democracy in the workplace, which means workers should either be at or share the helm of the business they work for. I supported Bernie Sanders in 2020. That being said, let’s dive in. I will be dividing his actions into three categories: the pandemic, domestic policy and foreign policy.

Relying on coffee, junk food may affect exam performance

If you’re asking college students, there is no question that finals season is one of the most stressful times. Long research papers, nerve-wracking presentations and weeks of studying crammed into just a few days can do a number on even the most committed scholars.

Education department reflects on the obstacles of pandemic teaching

Dr. Suzzane McCotter, the dean of the School of Education, has been at the College for almost four years. Over the past year, she has been making decisions she never thought would have to make. 

When online worlds collide: the age of Covid and social media

In the past year and a half, both Covid-19 and social media have been two things that have been impossible to escape. Some people log into Instagram to feel like they are still a part of humanity, and at the same time, they are looking at Instagram stories about Covid cases and vaccine availability daily, if not hourly. 

An influencer’s guide to combating the ‘Freshman 15’

For new and old lions at the College, transitioning from home cooked meals to dining hall food can be a challenge.

In-person graduation is back, seniors reflect on a difficult year

It has been two years since students at the College have experienced a typical graduation — mingling with classmates, taking photos with family and walking across the stage to receive the piece of paper they so greatly coveted. On a rainy day in May of 2019, hundreds of friends, faculty and family members gathered to cheer in wet bleacher seats, unaware that the class of 2019 was amongst the lucky ones.

Signal alumni stresses open-mindedness post college

During his time at the College, Garrett Cecere was the editor-in-chief of The Signal during the Spring 2019 semester. After a semester of late nights, coffee runs and little sleep, Cecere completed his time as editor-in-chief. But he never stopped writing for The Signal while at the College, even while he had an internship with Newsomatic — a children’s news publication based in New York.

AVI observes Sexual Assault Awareness Month with student events

Trading tables for technology, Kiana Stockwell is a victim support specialist intern for Anti-Violence Initiatives (AVI) at the College, and in observance of April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month, she helped design the group’s Week to End Rape Culture (WERC) activities.

Making the working world a better place: Women in Business provide student opportunities

Women’s rights is an ongoing topic that has sparked countless movements and figureheads. The fight for gender equality has encompassed voting rights, domestic violence and workplace rights. Workplace rights are an ongoing issue, with women still making 78 cents for every dollar earned by men. At the College, students can become more aware of these issues through the Women in Business (WIB) club.

Alumni creates NBC data visualization for 2020 elections

The 2020 presidential election will remain in history as one of the most unprecedented elections throughout history. With the year’s intense news cycle, news outlets across the country were relied on by millions for quick and reliable updates. One graduate from the College spent many hours this past year working to help her major broadcasting company tell these stories in an efficient way. 

Halfway through ‘Gaypril,’ PRISM keeps on giving

Izzy Riddick, a sophomore history and second education major, filled PRISM’s open position as the Education & Advocacy Chair that had been mostly unoccupied since its creation.

Telfar/Guess controversy: an ode to Black creativity

In the midst of Covid-19 struggles and civil rights injustices, there has been a push from the black community to put money back into black businesses and black creatives. In fact, reputable business magazines such as Forbes have published lists of black-owned businesses to shop with in 2021. One man — Telfar Clemens — was able to create a large following during the surge of support for black businesses and those who run them. Clemens and his namesake global brand have received a lot of recognition in recent years. It seems that Telfar Global is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

Alumni Miguel Gonzalez gives hope for the future with a look into his past

Since graduating from the College in August 2019 as a journalism major, Miguel Gonzalez has taken the time to reflect on his time spent in the College’s journalism program, as well as The Signal, and how it encouraged him to pursue a career at The New York Post.

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