November 26, 2020

ScreenAge, Ornamental and Cheyenne Dan: an inside look at college band culture

October 19, 2020 McKenzie Collins 0

Whether it be through traditional art or a myriad of other forms, college campuses are typical epicenters of creativity. During the remote semester, college students have been looking for new ways to connect with their peers and regain a sense of community. Many have found this through their favorite student bands. Music is a way for local groups such as ScreenAge, Cheyenne Dan and Ornamental to express themselves. […]

‘The Women of Dolor’ create a space of inclusivity and enlightenment

October 19, 2020 Alexandra Bonano 1

In a time when conversation about women’s rights and minority groups is more pertinent than ever, many are sharing their voices with the world. Trisha Basak and Ambar Grullón, two students from the College, have teamed up to create a podcast titled “Women of Dolor,” which explores their experiences in American society through the eyes of intersectional minorities. […]

‘Ratched,’ a surprisingly colorful new series on Netflix

October 6, 2020 Signal Contributor 0

As someone who’s familiar with the various works of Ryan Murphy, I was hesitant at first to watch the Netflix show “Ratched,” which debuted on Sept. 18. After seeing several teasers floating around on Instagram, I thought this show was going to be a ripoff of “American Horror Story: Asylum,” complete with Nazi doctors and psychotic nuns. But after watching the entire show over one weekend, my assumptions were proven wrong.  […]

This Week’s Playlist: Keep Looking Up

October 2, 2020 Ian Krietzberg 0

I was born and raised surrounded by music. 

From the time I was an infant, my parents would host informal music education sessions, popping CDs into the 8-track player built into our old minivan, gracing my ears with a variety of classic and alternative rock, from Queen to Rob Thomas and so much in between.  […]

Study groups are a tool to engage in remote classrooms

October 2, 2020 Nancy Bowne 0

I took an Intro to Linguistics course during the spring 2020 semester. As part of our final grade, our professor organized the class into groups for our “mandatory fourth hour lab study period.” I remember thinking it was silly and unnecessary. Besides, I had always preferred to study alone and did not think a study group would just result in a ranting circle of procrastination. […]

Music department welcomes new professors

September 20, 2020 Julia Duggan 0

Despite the challenges of online learning this semester, the College’s music department is welcoming four new music professors: professor of music theory Dr. José Beviá, voice professor Steven Eddy, voice professor Mark Moliterno and assistant director of bands Adam Warshafsky. This marks the second time that Moliterno will be teaching at the College.  […]

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