December 1, 2020

Students react to ‘Spring Flex Plan,’ removal of spring break

November 11, 2020 McKenzie Collins 0

As a result of the projected plan to open campus in the spring, the College community is adjusting their academic and social plans for next semester. In an effort to limit the potential cases of Covid-19, the College has replaced “the weeklong spring break with two single days off during the semester, Thursday, March 18 and Tuesday, March 30,” according to College President Kathryn Foster’s campus-wide email. […]

Justified hesitation: why we should not return to campus for spring

October 24, 2020 McKenzie Collins 0

As a student who graduated high school amidst a global pandemic, thus losing the cherished staples of secondary education such as senior trips, graduation ceremonies and proms, being able to finally attend college would be a dream come true. Learning that my academic career would be further delayed was devastating, as it was for many others — but it was not without reason. […]

ScreenAge, Ornamental and Cheyenne Dan: an inside look at college band culture

October 19, 2020 McKenzie Collins 0

Whether it be through traditional art or a myriad of other forms, college campuses are typical epicenters of creativity. During the remote semester, college students have been looking for new ways to connect with their peers and regain a sense of community. Many have found this through their favorite student bands. Music is a way for local groups such as ScreenAge, Cheyenne Dan and Ornamental to express themselves. […]