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CUB continues to entertain students despite remote learning

By Natalie Notaro
Staff Writer

The College’s decision to have a remote fall semester has forced students and organizations across campus to stray from their usual routine and seek creative solutions to the problem of isolation. The College Union Board (CUB) is one organization that is working as diligently as ever to keep students engaged and connected to one another.

CUB is still working to give students the entertainment they’ve experienced in past years. The transition from an in-person experience to the new virtual reality was not made easily. 

“As the College Union Board, we are really working hard to ensure that students are still finding ways to make this semester enjoyable and feel included in everything we do,” said Wandally Vargas, CUB’s alternative chair coordinator.

CUB plans to continue utilizing Zoom and Instagram Live this semester for their big events, now made virtual.

Students should keep an eye out for the Alt Board’s weekly talk shows with WTSR, Vargas said. They will air Sunday evenings at 10 p.m. alongside more Coffee Houses, Artist Takeovers on Instagram and mail-home events, which involve CUB posting an item that they will be giving out to students, free of charge, such as the stuffed lion giveaway last spring. Students should then keep watch for the date and time of the giveaway, and quickly fill out their email and Paws ID in order to enter for a prize.

The College Union Board has a variety of virtual events planned for this semester (Twitter).

One event that CUB is particularly excited to unveil is its Virtual Road Trip event, which involves a virtual tour of a city on their Instagram story. At the end of the week they host two Kahoot trivia games where winners will receive Amazon gift cards.

Though students may be disheartened at the loss of the usual concerts and events that CUB hosts, there will still be six virtual events, including lectures and comedy shows, that members of CUB say students should get excited about. 

“There are always alternatives. I’m bummed about not having a fall concert, however I think it would be cool for CUB to try a drive-in concert,” said junior mechanical engineering major Ella Hofstetter. “I would be interested in going to a virtual comedy show. Honestly, all they can do is look for alternatives, so I’m content with that.”

CUB can continue providing students with high-quality entertainment with the help of loans from the Student Finance Board, who submits to CUB’s event requests each semester. 

“We want to thank everyone who has shown up to our events so far,” Vargas said. “Another thing we are working on is incorporating Diversity and Inclusion in all our events, and we are open to any and all suggestions that may help further educate and entertain students.” 


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