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Ewing police crashes “Corona Party” with more than 40 attendees

By Emmy Liederman

Ewing Police Dispatch received an anonymous call on the night of Thursday, March 27 about a party on the 300 block of Concord Avenue. Officers dispersed over 40 guests and the renter of the apartment was issued summonses for Obstructing Administration of Law or Other Governmental Function and a Violation of Emergency and Temporary Acts, according to police. 

Wade E. Jackson, 47, of Ewing, is the renter of the apartment where the event was held, which he called a “Corona Party.”

According to the police report, Jackson is in violation of Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 107, which states that “Gatherings of individuals, such as parties, celebrations, or other social events, are cancelled, unless otherwise authorized by any part of this Order. The State Director of Emergency Management, who is the Superintendent of the State Police, shall have the discretion to make clarifications and issue orders related to this provision.” 

“Last night, Ewing Township Police broke up a party with 47 people  – including a DJ – crammed into a 550-square foot apartment,” wrote Governor Phil Murphy on Twitter this afternoon. “The organizer was charged, as they should have been and deserved to be. This is not a game. Stay home. Be smart.”

Before the name of the host or any additional information was released by Ewing Police, people were quick to assume that the party was held by students at the College. 

“Come on, #TCNJ students. As an alumnus I’m ashamed of you,” wrote one Twitter user. 

Citizens are urged to report any large gatherings to the Ewing Police Department at 609-882-1213.


  1. My question is why include the tweet about TCNJ students when the party wasn’t TCNJ students? Unless I’m missing something? I just think it seems unnecessary?

  2. “people were quick to assume that the party was held by students at the College”

    It’s explained right hter


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