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Oh, the pinkies!

When you think of soccer, what do you think of? Green grass, muddy fields, cleats, guys running around a gym in pink shirts calling themselves the Stinky Pinkies?

You read me right. I said the Stinky Pinkies. These guys usually meet once a week in the Packer Hall gymnasium to flaunt their athletic skill with seven other teams that also have creative names such as the Meat Men, the Vipers and the Predators.

I was curious as to where the Pinkies found their saucy name. So I asked. It’s too saucy for me to explain without blushing, so use your own damn imagination.

After the whole team name conundrum was cleared up for me, the only other pressing question on my mind was the frequency in which the pink fellas wash their stylish blouses.

“We don’t wash them all season,” Jim Cooney, sophomore Communication studies major, said. “It’s a little for luck and a little out of laziness.”

The Stinky Pinkies are a relatively young team, made up entirely of sophomores with the exception of one graduate assistant. You might say that he sticks out like a sore thumb on a hand full of pinkies (Haha!). That is, if you had an awfully cheesy sense of humor. Three of their players also play on the College’s soccer team, and most of the others have, at one time or another, also played on a team.

In their game on April 8, the Pinkies dominated the Predators. After the first 18-minute half, they were leading 3-1. They finished the Predators off with a final score of 7-1.

They play for the fun; they play for the bragging rights; they play for the competition; they play so they have an excuse to wear ladies’ pink blouses, (and they look damn good doing it).


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