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Heather Altz

I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead

I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead. Someone famous said that - I don't care enough to find out who, but never was there a truer statement made. College students are notorious for the abuse they put their body through. Some people drink, some smoke and others order greasy take out in the early morning hours.

Cop Shop

On Thursday, Oct. 2, at 12:55 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Wolfe Hall on the report of a strong odor of marijuana. A Community Advisor reported the odor was coming from a room on her floor. When an officer walked passed the room, he confirmed the smell.

SGA inducts nine new members

The SGA swore in nine new members - Senators Glendale Barrios, Lee Whitesell, Kira Peterson, Keith Lucas and Marisa Markowitz, along with Freshman Class President Kiren Sahni, Freshman Class Vice-President Molly Seiferas, Freshman Class Secretary Kelly Pfeiffer and Sophomore Class Secretary Anup Shah.

Rivalry or rumble?

I believe competition can be a healthy thing, especially when applied to athletics. Rivalries between competitors make events more exciting for fans and players alike, even more so in professional athletics. However, if Saturday's American Legue Conference Series (ALCS) Game 3 is any indication, sometimes rivalry can be taken too far.

Cop Shop

On Sunday, Sept. 21, at 3:55 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to the women's bathroom on the seventh floor of Wolfe Hall on the report of an intoxicated woman. Upon arrival, officers observed the student vomiting over a garbage can. The officers said they smelled alcohol on her.

Cop Shop

On Tuesday, Sept. 16 at 12:25 a.m., Campus Police was sent to investigate a purse snatching on the upper level of Lot 12. The owner said she had placed her purse on the trunk of her car, and walked approximately 20 to 25 feet toward the parking gate to help her friend carry some items.

Women’s ruggers tally five tries in rival match

The College's Women's Rugby Club faced St. Joseph's University this past Saturday, defeating them with a sore of 25-5. During the Fall 2000 and Fall 2001 seasons, St. Joseph' beat the Lions for the Division III Championship. St. Joseph's took first in the Westchester Tournament defeating the College, who took second.

When push comes to shove, don’t drive on grass and mud

The game wasn't the only excitement at this past Saturday's club field hockey game, which took place at approximately 12 p.m. on Green Lane Fields. During the game, which pitted the College's Lions against the University of Delaware's Fighting Blue Hens, a player was injured.

Cop Shop

At 2 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 3, a Campus Police officer on bicycle patrol smelled marijuana coming from Decker Hall. Upon approaching the front of the building, the officer traced the smell to a man smoking a cigarette. When the officer ordered the man to stop, the individual removed the cigarette from his mouth and tried to hide it in his right hand.

Men’s Rugby places second, wins silver cup

The College's Men's Rugby Club participated in the Liberty Tournament, hosted by Media Rugby Club on Sept. 13, and placed first in their division and second overall, taking home the silver cup. In the first game, the Lions played the University of Scranton Norsemen, defeating them 7-0.

Alcohol: the good, the bad & the drunk: Resident Signal boozehound

It's no secret that I enjoy alcohol on a regular basis. Because of my relaxed lifestyle, my fellow editors have pigeonholed me (respectfully) as the resident boozehound. I have been charged with the responsibility of giving my thoughts on the art of boozing.

Live! NFL and Britney

The National Football League (NFL) kicked off its regular season this past Thursday and let me tell you it was one hell of a dog and pony show. The pre-show is the second one of its kind, honoring America's Heroes with over 25,000 U.S. troops in attendence.

College places third for Director’s Cup

The College's athletic teams took third place in the race for the 2002-2003 National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) Director's Cup with 695.75 points. The third place finish marks the fifth straight third place NACDA Director's Cup finish for the Lions' making them one of two Division III programs to have finished in the top four in every year of the Directors' Cup.

Two in athletic department receive awards

Sharon Pfluger and Ann King have both been recognized for the dedication and hard work for the College's athletic department. Sharon Ffluger, the College's head field hockey and women's lacrosse coach, will be inducted into the National Field Hockey Coaches' Association (NFHCA) Hall of Fame Class of 2003, along with four other women at the NFHCA Awards Luncheon.

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