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On Sunday, Sept. 21, at 3:55 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to the women’s bathroom on the seventh floor of Wolfe Hall on the report of an intoxicated woman.

Upon arrival, officers observed the student vomiting over a garbage can. The officers said they smelled alcohol on her. She could not answer questions and was not able to gain her balance. Lions EMS arrived to assist the student and Pennington Road First Aid transported her to Helene Fuld Medical Center.

The parents of the woman were notified immediately.

The officers then went to the room of the student who had signed the woman into Wolfe Hall. The student answered the door swaying, with the smell of alcohol on his breath.

In slurred speech, he told the officers he was drinking. The officers asked the student’s CA if he had a speech impediment, based on the slurred speech. The CA told the officers the student did not.

On Wednesday, Sept. 3, at 1:45 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to the men’s bathroom on the ninth floor of Travers Hall on the report of an intoxicated student.

The officers found the student that smelled of alcohol vomiting over a toilet.

He informed the officers he drank half of a 1.75 liter bottle of Leeds Vodka in his friend’s room in Norsworthy Hall.

Lions EMS assisted Pennington Road First Aid in transporting the student to Helene Fuld Medical Center. The officers then went to Norsworthy Hall to gather more information, but said the resident of the room did not provide any helpful details.

On Saturday, Sept. 13, at 2:40 a.m., a Campus Police officer noticed the Allen Hall door propped open by the metal card swipe casing, which had been torn off the building wall.

The swipe mechanism was missing. A building security worker said the card swipe was in place at 2 a.m.

On Wednesday, Sept. 17, at 8:45 p.m., a student came to Campus Police to report an incident of harassment. He said on Sept. 17, around 1:30 a.m., person(s) unknown knocked on his Wolfe Hall room door and made a commotion outside.

The roommate answered the door a few times but there was no one around. In the morning, the victim noticed writing on his message board. It said, “I found you and I’m sober this time! Beware … I’ll be back.” The student was advised to contact Campus Police of any further incidences.

On Saturday, Sept. 20, at 6:45 p.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Eickhoff Hall to respond to an employee complaint.

Sodexho managers said they suspected one of the employees was drinking alcohol on the job and had stolen items.

Officers asked the employee to open his locker. Inside, they found two cans of Venom energy drink.

Sodexho chose not to investigate further, but the employee had a previous warrant from the Trenton Police and officers arrested him.


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