October 29, 2020

When push comes to shove, don’t drive on grass and mud

The game wasn’t the only excitement at this past Saturday’s club field hockey game, which took place at approximately 12 p.m. on Green Lane Fields.

During the game, which pitted the College’s Lions against the University of Delaware’s Fighting Blue Hens, a player was injured.

Two Campus Police cars drove onto the perimeter of the field and the one car became stuck in the mud.

Campus Police assisted the injured player, and she was taken for further treatment by an ambulance.

As the game continued on Campus Police attempted to free the car for approximately 20 minutes.

The spinning of the tires caused the car to sink deeper, getting it further stuck in the mud.

After approximately 20 minutes, they left the car.

The University of Delaware’s club team then posed for a picture in front of the mud-splattered vehicle.

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