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At 2 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 3, a Campus Police officer on bicycle patrol smelled marijuana coming from Decker Hall.

Upon approaching the front of the building, the officer traced the smell to a man smoking a cigarette.

When the officer ordered the man to stop, the individual removed the cigarette from his mouth and tried to hide it in his right hand.

The officer then ordered the man to drop the cigarette.

The cigarette was one inch in length and of dark color.

The suspect also admitted having a marijuana pipe in his pocket, which was filled with brown residue.

The suspect was arrested for being under the influence and in possession of a controlled dangerous substance, as well as for possession of drug paraphernalia.

A student entered Campus Police at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 3, to report that her wallet and its contents worth $206, were missing.

The student said she had last seen the wallet on the floor of her car, behind the driver’s seat.

The woman said that the vehicle had been parked in Lot 11B from approximately 8 p.m. until midnight the night before.

No updates have been reported.

Campus Police stopped a man who was spotted staggering down Metzger Drive at 10 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 4.

Upon approaching him, officers observed that he was intoxicated.

When officers directed the man to sit down away from the roadway and remain calm, he attempted to flee on foot.

The man was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and was transported to Campus Police Headquarters, where he was processed, issued a complaint and released.

There is no further information at this time.


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