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Let’s talk about Syn-er-gy!

Thirty-six fine young women took the stage, flaunting their bright costumes and much-practiced moves.

Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about “Absolut” Synergy, the College’s Dance Company’s performance, which pirouetted its way around Kendall Hall this past Sunday.

Synergy was formed unofficially in the fall of 1999. It wasn’t until last fall that the College officially recognized the company as an organization. Its constitution was passed by the Student Government Association (SGA) and funding was granted by the Student Finance Board (SFB).

Synergy has one big annual show in spring, but also participates in a few other events throughout the year. This past semester Synergy and the College’s Dance team participated in Dancers for Cancer. They performed in this and last spring’s talent show.

The relatively new company performed in its third spring show, which featured a variety of dances including tap, jazz, ballet, point, lyrical and swing.

“The show went really well,” Senior President Rachel Teutonico said. “We have definitely improved over the years.”

This was the first time that the show was performed on Kendall’s stage. The theater was packed with family, friends and a whole bunch of misty-eyed dance school drop-outs who “always wanted to be able to do that.”

Even the older gentleman seated behind me could be heard whispering to his wife, “I could do that, O.K., maybe not that!”

“I think we pulled together really well, showing our devotion to the club and showcasing our love of dancing,” Synergy Historian Elissa Mains said.

The hard work and enthusiasm that all those involved put into the show really did come across to the audience. I have to admit that during “Last Dance,” a going-out number performed by Synergy’s senior members, I and a few around me broke it down as discreetly as we could from our chairs. Good times were had by all.


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