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Lions forfeit due to academic ineligibility

During summer break, the College announced that it had forfeited five men’s tennis matches and all 34 games of the softball season due to a secondary violation in each sport.

The College self-reported the violations to the NCAA after one player from each team was academically ineligible to compete.

“We discovered that we had a tennis player and a softball player, one in each sport who were academically ineligible,” the College’s Athletic Director Kevin McHugh.

“We found out after the fact and we reported it to the NCAA. They were satisfied with the steps we took,” he added.

“Basically, it was a mistake we didn’t know about until the end of the season,” Scott Dichek men’s tennis coach, said. “Unfortunately, the individual slipped through the cracks and it cost us five matches,” he added.

The men’s tennis team went 8-8 during the 2002-2003 season. The team only forfeited five of the matches that occurred during the spring when the violation occurred.

“It wasn’t even a decision to make, we knew we would self-report it,” Dichek said.

The Lions softball team went 23-11 over the course of their spring 2003 season.

All victories, statistics, scores and records for the season will remain as recorded by the NCAA but will be marked with an asterisk which indicates the forfeits. The same asterisk will be used for the men’s tennis violations.

Any game or match that was forfeited was forfeited because the individual shouldn’t have competed in that match according to McHugh.

McHugh said that the NCAA accepted the report, and decided to not investigate the matter.


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