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Bookstore a treasure amidst downtown Princeton

Looking for something a little more offbeat, hard to find, or just plain cheap? Tried Barnes & Noble and Borders but to no avail? Maybe a retail giant isn’t what you need. You’ll find more personal attention at Princeton’s Micawber Books, right in the heart of the downtown area.

Micawber offers a wide selection of books in almost any subject from history to conceptual mathematics, and textbooks to comic books.

The store is split into two parts – used books and new books. Micawber is the largest used bookstore in the area and boasts a selection of used books as extensive as their new books. They offer used books in a bargain bin outside for only a dollar apiece. They sell bestsellers as well as lesser-known titles. Run by mostly college students and a few locals, the staff is more than willing to help you find the books you’re looking for or to make recommendations.

Micawber is also the place to go catch up on the newest literature with its large stock of literary magazines and contemporary picks if you want to keep up with what’s going on right now in the literary world.

Like the bigger chains, Micawber does have a discount club, only you don’t have to pay $25 to join. Instead they use a punch card system – one punch for every book you buy. On your 10th punch you get 10 percent off.

Micawber’s atmosphere is cozy and intimate. Perhaps you’ll bump hands with a stranger while reaching for a used copy of “Boethius.” The store’s location makes for an easy trip for a cup of joe at New World Coffee just down the street.

Conveniently located on Nassau Street, Micawber is close to all the major landmarks – Princeton University, PJ’s Pancake House, the Princeton Record Exchange and Triumph Brewery.

The store regularly hosts readings by local and national authors of every genre, including children’s literature.

Micawber has been a Princeton stronghold for 22 years. They now serve the whole world thanks to their Internet site,, which has the latest news on author events as well as ordering information.

Don’t go at the beginning of a semester because most Princeton students order their books through Micawber.

At any other time, though, Micawber Books makes for a great place to relax, read and even find a deal or two.


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