Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Dan Brady

First class drama comes to McCarter Theater

"Anna in the Tropics," a new play by Nilo Cruz that recently won the Pulitzer Prize, opened at the new Berlind Theater in Princeton. Cruz's play tells the story of a Cuban-American cigar factory in the early 20th century. Family, love, literature and betrayal collide in this beautifully lyric explosion of passion and sensitivity.

When it all comes together

As an English major, it's fair to say I read a lot of books. Most have been in the literary canon for as long as there has been a literary canon, but that's not to say there's no room for improvement. That's where contemporary writers come in and attempt to fill that space.

The Man in Black is gone, but not forgotten

The late Johnny Cash embodied the spirit of American music. Cash's rebellious attitude and individual style challenged the limits applied to country music and helped define a new generation of artists. The clearest example of this was his style of dress.

Take a walk on the wild side

Welcome to the edge of the envelope. This is where new ideas are being pushed forward and explored. This is where the future of art and music is being born. This is where most musicians and artists are made or broken. This is where you'll find everything that you've been waiting for, but never expected.

Bookstore a treasure amidst downtown Princeton

Looking for something a little more offbeat, hard to find, or just plain cheap? Tried Barnes & Noble and Borders but to no avail? Maybe a retail giant isn't what you need. You'll find more personal attention at Princeton's Micawber Books, right in the heart of the downtown area.

The bumper crop of blooming creativity

Summer in the music industry is normally dominated by tours and music festivals like Lollapalooza, Bonnero and this year's doomed Field Day. While most bands are busy on tour, some spend some time in the studio and squeak out a gem or two when no one's looking.

Interactive radio, on air and on campus

College radio station WTSR ran special programming during Welcome Week including live broadcasts from remote locations and contests with giveaway prizes. Music Director Sean Wilson said WTSR management viewed Welcome Week as an opportunity to be a part of the College community and to expose the freshmen to a unique music experience.

Ripe for the picking, any way you like it

All year I've been trying to provide an interesting cross-section of music and perhaps raise awareness about some bands that are starting to break but haven't quite gone top 10 yet. I hope I've raised a few eyebrows in my choices of what to review and maybe changed a few minds.

Students find Rushdie funny, unfearing

Security was on high alert during Salman Rushdie's keynote speech last Thursday, but students were not tense as Rushdie closed out the Writer's Conference. All the tension only led up to a Y2K- style anticlimax, as Rushdie's speech went off without a hitch, addressing a full crowd of writers and students who welcomed his presence with open ears.

Pulitzer prize winner delivers playful poetry

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Paul Muldoon gave a reading as the keynote poet at last Thursday's writer's conference. Muldoon read from all periods of his work including newer, unpublished material. "Paul Muldoon displays a versatility, which is extraordinary," Jim Brazell, associate professor of English, said as he introduced Muldoon.

Women who rock

It's been a while now since the days of the Spice Girls and girl power (thank God, some might say, myself included). But, just because Baby Spice is more like Old Spice now, doesn't mean that the idea of Girl Power has relinquished its place as a powerful influence on the music industry.

Almost Famous: College favorite Casual Blue stops home on the way to the big time

Something magical happens when a bunch of N.J. boys play a great N.J. song in a N.J. bar. This was a homecoming. Brian O'Neil and the boys of Casual Blue returned to the Rat this past Tuesday night to play to a standing-room-only crowd of fans and friends.

All College Theatre’s most shining ‘Hour’

All College Theater (ACT) brought Lillian Hellman's "The Children's Hour" to life in Kendall's Black Box Theater for a five-day run. The play addresses issues of love, friendship, homosexuality, class, adolescence and gossip. ACT's performance was wrought with subtle yet powerful acting and gripping tension.

The Original Strummer

With the passing of Joe Strummer at the end of last year, one has to at least consider the monumental achievement and influence of his work on the modern rock scene. With The Clash and later as Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, Strummer pushed the envelope of rock - a genre-bender from the day he picked up a guitar.

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